How Fitness Videos Can Grow Your Business

How Fitness Videos Can Grow Your Business

You know fitness videos get more views, traction, and cost less than other forms of marketing. You may not know how to stay consistent and make time to do it. Here’s how to create fitness videos that make a difference in your business.

Batch your fitness videos

Batch every step along the way. Research before you record. Choose a single topic and stick with it to create 5-6 videos that fall into that topic. Think about the why behind you’re creating video. Are you creating fitness videos that attract more customers and clients? What specific client do you want to attract? Do you have a program launch coming up? What content would surprise, shock, and make a viewer want to know more? What content would give a viewer hope and a quick win? Create a list of the videos you want to create. Create a list of the titles for those videos. Do a search of other popular content on that topic. Search key words you want in the title. Create the videos knowing what action you want the viewer to take so you can ask for it. You’ll be able to include a teaser for the previous video and the next video, getting a viewer to stay on your channel consuming more videos.

Be concise.

Get right to the point. Break large concepts into short segments of 1-3 minutes. The shorter a video – as long as it’s engaging – the more likely a viewer will watch 100% of your video and that ‘s a big plus for your organic recommendations and growth. Be concise with your start too. Get right to what you promise in your title. Then quickly introduce yourself and get right back to it.

Know what you want them to do next.

Choose one thing, not 2 or 5, that you want a viewer to do after they watch your video. Tell them to subscribe, or go to the link below (or on your screen). Suggest they go back to the previous video in the playlist.

Release Fitness Videos Natively.

Upload your video to Facebook, to LinkedIn, and to YouTube each directly from your phone. Don’t depend on uploads to YouTube and then share to the other platforms. Natively uploaded video is edging out shared from YouTube across platforms.

Stagger your release.

It’s tempting to share it all right away. However, this is one instance where batching won’t help as much as staggering your video share. Wait a bit to share the same video to Facebook and LinkedIn as you just posted to YouTube. Keep the traffic coming to your website by spreading it out.

Plan your fitness video production.

From conceptualizing to recording if you don’t have the time set in your calendar it’s not going to happen. Start. Even if you feel like you’re terrible at it in the beginning, it’s not about you. It’s about how much you’re helping the viewer. If you believe you’ve got a message they need, then you need to be there! See the show notes here: Need support growing your fans and followers so you can increase subscribers and sell more services? Book a chat here:

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