Are you using social media to build your fitness brand or is it using you?

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On it or Embracing It?

So much changes with social media that knowing what to do and how to do it is a challenge. The point I make here is that if you aren’t going to optimize every one of the social media platforms you’re on, you’re better to get off and use that time and energy, (and money) elsewhere.

Are you aware:

1. YouTube is the second most popular search engine. Many believe it will replace Google as #1. Whether that’s true or not, the threat is enough to send you to video creation daily if you’re smart.

2. Plopping a video up done well means optimizing for location, within a category, adding a call-to-action but not too often if you want to be a favorite of YT. It means using playlists wisely, scheduling a drip of video.

3. Creating video means getting attention in 5 seconds, keeping it by 9 and knowing how far through the video customers get before they jump off so you can make it better.

4. Facebook insights will tell you when to post and when not to waste your time. It will tell you what day of the week are better and which are a waste of time.

5. If you’re only promoting others on FB you’re making a mistake. If you’re only promoting you you’re making a bigger mistake. If you’re not using a specific ratio for linking to your own stuff on FB you’re making a mistake.

6. If you’re not using images on everything you’re losing views.

7. If you use more than two hashtags on Facebook views go down compared to using none.

8. If you don’t use hashtags on Twitter you’re missing connections.

9. If you don’t tag your own Pins you don’t lead them back to you.

10. If you don’t cross train your social media, using YouTube in blogs and using blog links in your emails… you’re missing the point.

11. If you don’t have a strategy that you plan in advance for social media as if it were a paid newspaper ad investment, you’re throwing time money and energy away and getting no where.


P.S. It’s not all doom and gloom! Pick ONE and start getting focused. Once you improve it, move on to the next one.

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