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Forget Exercise and Make More Revenue

It’s only taken 30 years for the fitness industry to realize that it isn’t the exercise, the nutrition, but the thoughts around it that keep our customers from sticking with it.

They don’t get up in the morning thinking “I’m going to do exactly the opposite of what my trainer suggested.”

They just have obstacles that we ignore. We assume they’ll enjoy exercise. Hello, princess. Not so much. We assume they’ll feel good once they start or after it’s over. Read the research about overweight and obese exercise? Not so much.

Until we…YOU…grow your business to include and focus on the part of the person between the ears…you can’t overcome 30 or 40 or 50 years of thinking with 3 sessions or 8 weeks of imposing something they don’t like. Won’t happen. And we have 30 years of statistics to prove it. Since 1984 when I began research and learning about exercise, fitness instruction, physiology….. our number of actively pursuing fitness activities at enough frequency or intensity to meet minimum standards has not improved…and the number of obese and overweight adults and children has increased.

We have to change behavior and you only do that by changing thoughts. Don’t dive into exercise and nutrition. You first have to look at the murky murky waters that lie deep. The superficial exercise does not matter if a person deep down believes she can’t.

What you’ll find by not exercising your exercise prescription so hard…is that you also have a revenue stream that can impact not only more lives but yours and your business.

Listen to today’s podcast here.

Download and listen on your lunch hour workout. With a small amount of time dedicated to making coaching a separate revenue stream you can significantly expand your reach, your customers results and your your revenue.

Take your business out of the box of bootcamp, exercise prescription, following some diet …and get to what matters most.


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