Top 10 Personal Training Business Podcasts of 2017

personal training business podcastsIt’s the end of another year and that means your votes for best personal training business podcasts are in. Download these episodes for your holiday workouts and start the year with some new marketing ideas to rejuvenate your personal training marketing in 2018.

The countdown to #1 in David Letterman style:

#10 Profitable fitness tips | Midwest’s most successful private fitness owner

This is 40 years of fitness business intel you can download from the largest private fitness business owner in central Iowa. How many fitness industry owners have remained consistently successful for 40 years in the business?

#9 3 Big Simple Social Media Success Strategies for Fitness Biz

Can’t do it all? No need to if you focus on the most important things.

#8 Making the Most of Your Personal Training Website

You’ve got one. Is it performing well or just pretty?

#7 The Mindset of Growing Your Personal Training Business

Of all podcasts this, #10, and #2 get my personal votes as most important and valuable personal training business podcasts of 2017.

#6 Attract with Simple, Sane Personal Training Marketing Systems

This episode narrows it down to the narrowest needle movers.

#5 What, How, and When to Launch Fitness Programs

Consider that you may be building big programs – and wasting your time – if you don’t launch it. Reverse that process and wait to build it until you’ve marketed it. You will turn your business around in a very short time if you’re struggling to create revenue.

#4 Copy that Converts Readers to Fitness Customers

Writing a persuasive blog or article is not the same as writing for your high school or college

#3 Social Media Strategies for Fitness Business

This podcast went live right around the time I prepped for Athletic Business Conference 2017 (you should look at attending in 2018)! Content that connects the dots here.

#2 Using Lab Tests and Nutrition Coaching to get better outcomes, legally

Considering this podcast went live just last week, it’s a definite favorite. More personal trainers than ever are interested in going deeper with science and services that provide more insight about clients. Reed Davis is the brains behind a course can teach you just how to choose and interpret labs, as well as how to coach clients to success, legally.

#1 Way to Increase Sales from Fitness

Interested in selling more of the prospects you talk to? Ask. Then to get better at the words that work better, listen to this best personal training business podcasts of 2017.

You can find all the show notes for Voice for Fitness Professional’s podcasts here. 

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