Are You Tired Fitness Professional? Let’s Take Care of It Right Now

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Five Ways You’re Wellness Balance Is Out Of Balance

1. You’re stressed constantly about hitting numbers, making quota, and it shows in your eyes, your skin, your weight gain or loss.

2. You’re not prepared when you arrive at a session. You entertain your client and take them through a session that is appropriate for today without a long term program or macro cycle of any kind.

3. Asked for records you can’t provide them. You’ve not filed them or tracked them, making it nearly impossible for you or any trainer on staff to follow up with a customer, give them congruent information about their participation and changes from your program.

4. You suggest fruits, vegetables and lean protein to your clients and do the same while failing to mention your routine wine and beer consumption to relieve stress in a bar or at a party.

5. You focus on how you look, how another trainer looks, emphasis on “hot” and thin equating to “most fit.” Artificial supplements both permanent and ingested are a part of your “picture of health.”

It’s no wonder you’re tired. Fitness professionals rarely skip a workout, that’s a plus. Yet, in other areas of wellness, all necessary to project authentic wellness…not balanced in all areas…but balanced for what’s important now, we can fail and ignore signs we’re not on top of our game.

Chronic injuries? Frequent or severe illness?

Signs not even mentioned above but seen often enough in fitness professionals to show that we’re not always walking the talk.

Hung over at work? Crashing on couches? Socializing with customers under the influence?

Signs you’re professional boundaries need a little polish.

Without even realizing it, your fatigue may be related more to your own thoughts about your work, or about your physical habits that aren’t contributing to real health.

We can pretend for a while. In the end that lack of success, or progress even, the increased injuries and illnesses that are signals something isn’t quite working will win. There’s no way that going down the same path that leads you to fatigue and stress will get you turned around and going in the opposite direction.

If this isn’t you…but it’s someone you know, you have a choice. You can ignore it, step over it as coaches say, or you can sit down with someone and call them on it. They may not be ready to do something about it. You can’t control that. Yet, if you’ve done your part in supporting the first step in making a positive change, you’ve done your part.

We know some of these steps better than anyone. Yet, even we need to be reminded. We’ve all seen overweight doctors and dietitians right?

1. exercise – appropriately, not over or under

2. eat – and drink appropriately: we can’t outrun a poor diet or belly-up-at-the bar any more than our customers

3. look under the hood – if your motivation has been a mirror, what if they were gone and there were no more Lululemon or Underarmour? Would your motivation for your job still be as high? What if it were illegal for fitness professionals to wear make up or have cosmetic surgery? Would you still be as motivated by the ability to change lives?

When we let the walls come crumbling down…we get much more satisfaction with the real thing.

4. Sleep more and better

5. Socialize with family and friends but not with your customers.

6. Spend time doing something outside of fitness and develop yourself as a person.


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