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Timeline posts that are promotional read like ads. Ads push people away. People come to social media for social awareness, laughter, to see what friends are doing, to get to know you, education -as long as it’s entertaining. 

Engagement tells you everything. If you post promotions and no one likes it, comments on it, shares it, or saves it  or fewer than 10 people do any one of those, you are hurting yourself. 

Timeline posts that are promotional, even including paid advertising, ultimately hurt your organic reach. 

Use the evidence that you have as the testimonial for this one. I can think of 2 recent students doing this regularly, and even my own example of doing this a month ago (after having not done so for more than two years as a rule.) The performance of that post was pathetic. And now? It’s sitting there as a sore thumb. Archiving content that doesn’t serve you is a good idea. Get rid of it so no one else scrolls through your timeline if they’re looking at you for the first time. 

Case Study:

A recent social media Instagram audit revealed that more than 80% of posts were promotional. They were either images of programs or the post copy did nothing more than relay the details of the start and cost. 

Once we reviewed how to share tips included in the program and then tease a free next step, engagement went up and conversions to paid customers began to rise consistently. That is, even though promotions were down to 10-20%, the effectiveness improved dramatically. 

Using a place where people want entertainment, humor and to catch up with friends, to promote will backfire.

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