Time to Reinvent?

 In Attracting Clients

Do you wish the  phone was ringing more? Are you having a hard time selling personal training? Wish your schedule next week was booked a little tighter? If those are consistent thoughts, it’s time to take a look at what you’re doing or not doing and how.

Make sure if you decide you’re going to make a change that it’s for the right reasons. Don’t jump into the “hot workout” right now if that’s not what you specialize in. I find it funny that a trainer or a group fitness instructor will say “that’s hot right now” and want to jump right into a weekend workshop to hang another barely credible certification on the wall because it’s popular.

You should already know what you do best. That is your ticket to helping the niche and the market that is going to make you be more successful and your client healthier, faster, less likely to fall or whatever relevant to your niche that is.

So what is your passion? Triathlon? Osteoporosis and talking to seniors about getting out of the pool in order to do some strength training? Finding ways that Yoga can help different populations? The options are numerous. Don’t let the competition next door determine what you will do next.  Sure, look over your shoulder, but then focus ahead.

Conversely, if things are going really well, its still time to change. Don’t wait until you’re a sinking ship and old news before you switch gears. If you’ve gotten too comfortable doing what you’re doing, chances are you aren’t doing it better than anyone else anymore even if you were once. Bootcamp for instance…is old news. Everyone has a bootcamp. Diversify. Create a niche. Make it for women only, beginners, runners, mommy’s with toddlers, families, etc. Add value..pre and post testing, nutrition seminars at the end of sessions, samples of smoothies(and the recipe) in a to-go cup following am classes….find a way to be the best again. Get engaged yourself and your clients will be too.


1.) Listen. Don’t hear the phone ring? Time to change. Listen to social media comments. Listen to suggestions your customers make.

2.) Take your own temperature. Are you bored or looking forward to it? It shows.

3.) What would make it more fun? What would be more valuable to your customers? Do you want to serve the same customer or choose a different niche.

4.) Stay focused. Don’t be all things to all people. You end up being no good at anything at all. Choose to be the best at one thing- just keep getting better at it yourself.

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