Is it time for a Mastermind to grow your fitness business

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If you’d like to find yourself more full, more consistently, and attracting more ideal customers then closing them once they reach you, you may want to consider summer camp.

What would an intense overhaul of your client attraction tools, your email funnel and your products and service pricing do for you?

Do you need to double revenue? Decrease time by automating or leveraging your knowledge better?

Do you like the business model you have? Are you sure its working and going to long term?

If you’ve been thinking about a Mastermind or coaching or consulting, we have a solution for you. Click here to learn more. Then click questions?connect and request a 15 minute chat about whether it’s right for you or not.

We’ve all done it… jumped in and started training. Immediate gratification.

“You’re the best”

“I don’t know where I’d be if it weren’t for you” 

“Thank you! I wouldn’t have done this without you”

Those statements are gratifying, no question. Yet, if we thrive and feed on those we can get into a corner. Have you ever said:

“I’m working too many hours”

“I don’t really want to do a _____ o’clock session but that’s the only time the client has”

“She really wants to work with me. I feel sorry for her.”

“The early mornings are killing me but the bootcamp is full and the rate is great”

These statements are scary. The money is never worth it long term if your health is suffering from getting up at 3 or 4 when you can’t get a full night’s sleep. When you find that client you felt sorry for – who is on a year-long commitment – is quite needy and it’s outside time you usually work, you have an energy drain.

I don’t need to go on, I know you already have your own catalog of experience with this.

So how do you handle these scenarios? They are going to come up!

There are answers that you won’t find if you’re operating on an island. Personal training is isolated. Sure, you’re working with people all day long but you’re not working with colleagues all day. A hi here, a high five there (National High Five day- did you know?? just came and went) isn’t the same as having that advisory board who has your back.

When things come up that other trainers have experienced…an article in a blog may exist and you may find it…on Google.. but if you don’t get something relevant to your situation how valuable is that?

If you want a virtual team with 66 years of experience who can talk about why it works and show you the how to actually DO the Facebook posts, create the speech, video, that will promote the program you want full… this is the best of both worlds. 

We’re not just talking about this, between us we actually walk through up to 6 facilities a day and notice good and bad customer service, hear what customers have to say and create marketing in social media, in living rooms, and on stages of national associations that fills groups and private sessions.

You’re hit up by a dozen people telling you they can help by having you sign up for an automated program – and I’ve personally done dozens- some are quite good. What if you had a one time chance to do this live? Have a coach you interact with in a small group and privately for a small percentage of the value you’ll get in return?

That’s as much of an infomercial as you’ll get. Here’s the “deal” – neither one of us needs this. We’re both a little busy doing the things we would help you with. We’re not attached to you doing or not doing. But we are tired of seeing a lot of marketing hype and programs target customer that YOU SHOULD HAVE and instead go to someone whose gotten really good at persuading, hypnotizing, and getting the sale.

We want fitness to be an industry we both respect and not the artificial selfie business that too many consumers associate with it. You deserve to be successful as well as do something you love. CLICK TO TWEET If that is not a description of you now? Get some help and create a more profitable business that serves in a way you feel great about.

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