Thirteen pounds in six weeks!

Find a true success story and use it to your advantage!

I met with a woman yesterday who is taking part in a 12 week program and she’s six weeks in. She’s lost 13 pounds, and that really began to all fall off after three weeks of nothing. She’s ecstatic!

We’ve got a wall of testimonials that tell a success story for our members who have made big changes.

You can do the same. And use them again and again! They love it!!! They are excited to do this and share their good news- they didn’t just remove weight, by the way, they removed baggage and heavy thinking and a burden they’d been settling for up until now.

Take a shot of them in their old clothes pulling the waist away from their body….holding up an old pair of pants…and then position the copy around the body and make it attractive.

You already have people in your club or business who have been successful, let them talk for you.

Then create an offer based on the testimonial. Is it your time too? “Sarah had tried and failed before, too. This time was different for her because of the exercise progression, the nutritional support, and the small steps of success she felt along the way. Your trainer can set up the same feelings of success for you.”

Make your copy specific to the things you’ll include in your offer. Think of creating table tents. Take them to places you have good reciprocity with…restaurants…make sure the owners understand you’ll make sure your participants understand you can eat out and lose weight- that they wouldn’t lose business!

Or take them to all of your corporate members and place them yourself in the break room. Offer a discount to their employees for getting started and ask them to mention their workplace when they call.

Take them to the country club and place them on the tables where lunches are being served or in the locker rooms. Take them to the massage therapists in town and do the same.

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