Thinking inside the box with your fitness programs?

 In Marketing

There’s Inside The Box Thinking and Coloring Outside the Lines Thinking

Which are you doing?

If you’re doing a program that someone else does, taught you, created first…you’re thinking inside a box. You’re playing in someone else’s sandbox.

Even if you operate in a box, that is you work in someone’s gym or you have your own consider the benefit to outdoor exercise. It’s going to grow. As we learn more about how the brain works and what nature and outdoor exercise does for our brains as well as our bodies if you stay inside your box you’ll lose some business.

How can you build outdoor extensions of what you’re doing inside? How can you build excursions that escape the ho-hum of usual fitness. Do you realize the people who aren’t moving don’t like the word fitness?
If we stopped using it and began using customer friendly words we’d be further ahead of the game. A hike for bird watching or photography is unique and movement is within the activity but it isn’t about the activity.

A hike to a serene spot to do yoga and have a picnic or healthy snack, learn meditation or how to use essential oils.

If you can leave the “fitness” mindset inside the box and go to a place where others who don’t care for fitness and are intimidated by it will play with you, you’ll have more friends, and more customers.


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