The Selling Holiday

What is your plan for Black Friday?

Don’t have a plan? Time to get a plan!

If your club members, clients and prospective clients exchange gifts during the holidays then the day after Thanksgiving is a big deal for you.

Right now is when you get your foot in the door so people can plan on it. What you need to do is create the excitement that the newspaper full of advertisements delivered on Thanksgiving Day about instore sales used to create. You want people to have excitement around what you have going on! Would they want to get up at midnight and wait outside your club to purchase? Will they log on to your site at midnight in order to purchase a limited number of big specials?

If you already have big fans they will!

How are you thanking them for their business? Giving them a special class or two over the holiday weekend? As opposed to shutting things down when they need it most?

Offer a complimentary session, invite them to bring their guests. Then offer a list of holiday items and have the gift certificate and gift bags ready to hand out to them on the spot! Create a price point for everyone and take it to the Victoria’s Secret and Neiman Marcus extreme on the other end just for fun too.

A single session

a Package of 10

A package of 10, plus unlimited group training options for the year

A package of 20 sessions plus nutrition coaching

A three time a week for a year, plus nutrition coaching, and monthly massage.

Do the thinking for the customer; plant seeds. It’s like the catalog pictures or the manikin in the store….when people see it on a real person they want THAT one. Those are the fastest items to sell out.

Make it attractive, show someone being trained in a photo, relaxing in a massage (even if you use stock photos), or use a testimonial by a client.

Black Friday can be big! The time to make it so is Now! Prepare your marketing materials, signs, email blasts telling people about it. Get ready with order forms, training staff to be efficient and effective.

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