The Holidays are Coming, the Holidays are Coming!

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So what are you going to do about  it? If you haven’t thought about it yet or you’re thinking that you’ll procrastinate like you do with your own shopping, think again, at least if your goal is to grow your business. Now is the time to market strongly. January is big anyway- this is the time to be planning and thinking and promoting sales of gifts and New Year’s resolution supporting programs.

In four or five weeks you may have a down time in terms of appointments due to traveling and family obligations, holiday events and concerts and shopping. If you have your ducks in a rows it doesn’t have to be a time of panic. It can be time you focus on cleaning and readying for that post holiday rush you know will come.

Small projects can make a big difference. Here’s one. Watch for the second tomorrow to get you on track for more business, and more fun conducting it, in 2011.

Market Personal Training and Celebrate Friendships! Your current best clients are your best source of referrals. Now is the time to begin the steps to creating a quality referral system.

1. Create a special gift certificate on high quality paper with a corresponding envelope specifically for Holiday gift giving for one of your services. For instance, use a “one hour personal training session.” Make sure the action they need to take to get started is clear.”To take advantage of your gift, please call xxx-xxxx before Jan. 5″

2. Create a script for your trainers so that they know exactly what to say to their VIP clients when they give them one of these for a friend or business associate whom they know has been thinking about fitness and would love to be educated in a custom-made exercise program by one of your staff members.

3. Create a list of the VIP clients to give these to and provide each of them with one. Keep your list focused on well-connected, and loyal customers, yet don’t overlook anyone. Not everyone ‘high-profile’ looks that way! Start giving these out the first week of December. Office parties, sorority parties, neighborhood cookie swaps all happen early in the month- don’t wait to the last minute!

4. Let these current clients know at the time you hand the gift cert. to them that it does expire at a date you set. We set Jan 5 as the date. Often we’ll get someone who calls and is traveling and can’t possibly be there…but we do know that they value it and want it so we get them on the calendar for a later date. Get the name and contact information for the recipient so that you can follow up after Christmas in case they don’t call you.

5. Track the number of Holiday Gift Complimentary Sessions that go out, the clients who are given them, and be sure to reward your client who makes the referral.

6. Your client wins by being given a gift they don’t have to buy! They don’t have to tell a soul they were given it by you. When a friend receives a referral from another, they value the advice and that’s how many of us get started with a pediatrician, physical therapist, teacher, etc. You have the opportunity to spread the word further about your excellent customer service and whether or not that person becomes a customer they can become a raving fan for you if they love the experience!

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