Thanks for Nothing

Thanks for the memories…thanks for the gift….but thanks for nothing? Yes!

Gather your thank you notes, your stamps and envelopes and your list of appointments from the last few weeks. Everyone on your list who bought nothing should receive a personalized thank you. Now, it goes without saying, hopefully, that you send everyone who did buy with you a thank you, but if that’s not true; get a bigger stack of supplies.

It shouldn’t matter what the reason, people who you do business with, in any capacity, should hear from you afterward. If they bought a new package, send them a thank you. If they renewed and they’ve been a client for years, send them a thank you. And yes, even if, perhaps especially if, they purchased nothing, they should receive a hand-crafted, rocking thank you from you. If it didn’t happen right away, get it done now. Then as soon as this chore is caught up, get it in your schedule to perform this task regularly. Every day, two designated days a week, whatever works, but within days after seeing you they should have a reminder of their time with you and acknowledgment of your gratitude for spending that hot commodity with you.

If for some reason you missed learning the fine art of writing a thank you, it’s time for school. Always use a pen. Use your best penmanship. Address the client appropriately. By now you’re on a first name basis, so that makes the most sense.

Thank them for what occurred.

“Thank you for investing your time in our personal training service. I enjoyed meeting you at your complimentary session and am so glad you took advantage of that to ask questions and learn how to get the most out of your exercise time. We want you to get the results you want and be a raving fan because you’re so happy with your results!”

Personalize it by referencing something they disclosed or providing them a few words of specific encouragement.

“I know you’re concerned about sticking with it due to your schedule. Once you begin seeing and feeling positive changes this is going to give you, I know you’ll wonder how you did without it.”

“You have great discipline and when you regularly applying the small tweaks we talked about will make a big difference for you.”

Leave the door open for further contact.

“Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about something I showed you. I’ll follow up in a few weeks to make sure things are progressing well for you.”

Indicate your two enclosed cards include one for them and one for a friend.

“I’ve enclosed two cards. If you know anyone who could benefit from some tips and direction on their exercise program, please share my card with them.”

Sign … legibly!

Make sure all of your information is current. Your business card is up to date, no lines drawn through phone numbers that are out of date. The return address on your envelope is current.

Small details do matter. They will remember and it will come back to you, when you least expect it. Which may be the time this January crowd begins to thin out and you’re looking for new clients?

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