Th Top 10 Customer Cited Reasons to Hire YOU

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I ask this regularly of personal trainers. Usually I ask it about in regards to what motivates them. Right here right now I’m asking you to answer this on two levels:

1. what your past and current clients say about why they chose or stuck with you

2. what you know your next customer will be thinking

This is not your typical marketing content, right? It should be. No one else is doing this you say?

Exactly. When everyone else is using something run the other way. You’re going to risk becoming as boring, as redundant as every other trainer repeating ONE or two guru’s information instead of thinking for themselves and on behalf of their clients. Whether you’e a dietitian (= boring in most customer’s eyes), a speaker, trainer, coach… you could be creating a better set of marketing materials. Here’s mine for example, for speaking. When someone is considering spending $4500-$10K on a speaker, you can bet they consider WHY this one?

Make it personal, make it true, make it relevant.

You’re going to come up with a  Top 10 Most Listed…Cited… Best Reasons in the Words of Our Customers…

And this is important: This is not an arbitrary list that any trainer could use.

It doesn’t say one word about you education, certifications or years of experience UNLESS it ties into something else.

It doesn’t talk about equipment or facilities.

Think of the random emails you’ve gotten from clients thanking you. When you do… send an email back thanking them and asking if you may use that for a testimonial. Put in quotes exactly what you’re going to use and their name exactly as you’re going to use it. When they respond you have a record of their giving permission. Perhaps they’ll say, yes, but don’t use my last name, or can you not use my name?

You’ll still be able to come up with one of your 10 points based on that email.

Let’s say a customer says: “I can tell you’re a good coach. You said exactly what I needed to hear, not what I wanted to hear. It made me realize what I was doing and saying to myself was the real problem.”

SO you would turn that into #1. Debra isn’t going to step over things that she knows are getting in your way of getting what you want. She’s going to call you out in places where you’re not following through with what you say you want and help you find out why.

That, in fact is a direct example of something I use for coaching clients or corporations looking to hire a coach. When do they need to see it? When they have already decided they need help. They don’t know for sure if they need a physical trainer, a wellness coach, or which wellness coach. This is the moment when someone is checking you out on line. This kind of document sitting there waiting is a perfect match for what they are thinking and what the typical objections are.

Do you need to put something in your list about being adaptable with times and schedules?

Do you need to put something in your list about being flexible with how you delivery services…online, in person, video?

Do you need to put something in your list about the unique way you have been able to handle physical problems that have come up for clients after you began working with them?

What your current clients are praising and thanking you for…are the key to your attracting more of your ideal customers. Use those points. Don’t make up anything to make yourself sound like someone you are not! You’ll end up with clients you don’t want!

Don’t throw it together. But if you know what your customers value about you, you can pull it together in an hour. Pdf and link online.

Marketing that answers questions your customer didn’t know that they had.


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