You Want to Wake Up to These Kinds of Texts and Emails

Don’t love tons of texts and emails? You might like this kind.

People are texting asking me if they can promote my program to their group. 

Carole, who I met a few years ago at an event we were both attending and we’ve been friends on Facebook and see each other annually otherwise (except for COVID). That’s it. But she knows what I do. 

She knows me and she knows her audience. 

She knows they need what I have. 

And she’s seen me promoting. I’ve been in lives on Instagram and Facebook on my own timeline and been a guest on a mutual friend of mine’s timeline. I’m advertising in Facebook and she’s probably seen the ads. 

How Does It Work? 

Typically, you will reach out to others. And I have. I have 3 others promoting for this launch. But Carole is not the only one, another friend asked last week and she and I did a live for her audience Thursday night. 

So that’s 5 people actively promoting to their audiences who share my target customer. 

When you successfully grow your email list all the time so that you can launch to your own list (and not burn the same people out selling the same product), and then… 

You have others who have a significant sized list email and promote for you… 

You will not only grow your sales… 

You will grow your email list…

You will grow your social media following…

And you will have another chance to sell something more or sell something the first time to these people. 

Texts and Emails can become overwhelming at times. But I’ve always got room for these kind. 

Your homework:

List 5-10 affiliate marketing partners that you would love to have promote you (whose texts and emails would you love to have?)

List 5-10 affiliate marketing partners that you could promote (the lists might overlap) 

Start nurturing those people. 

Like their social media posts, comment, share

Think of someone you know they should meet and ask if they’d like in intro 


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