Testing Your Marketing or Wasting Your Time

Overwhelming Tasks

The number one job of business owner, or of the manager or director of a program is to increase the success of the program by increasing revenue.

Either raise the rates or increase participation or both.

Staff members have to be happy, valued, and appreciated. If they are performers and given every opportunity to perform they will.

Your success then is determined by the success of your marketing.

The only way to know if fitness is working is feedback or testing, right?

So it is with marketing.

How many people respond?

Testing two different subject lines for an email.

What one preventable thing will cause you to age faster?

How to increase your lean muscle in every decade.

Testing the time of day you send.

Using the same day, send half your emails at 7am and half at 7pm.

Testing the frequency of your sends.

Take a month and send once a week – if this is a chance from your once a month newsletter, this is testing.

Or take a month and compare three short emails a week to your current one time a week schedule.

Testing the number of links clicked. 

In half the emails that go out include “ad-like” images of your product/services to click.

In the other half include links directly in the text that refer to the thing you want to promote (that are relevant to the content).

Each of these will help you put to work for you the content and time you’re spending “doing” marketing. Marketing is not creating a fast flyer and posting it either on a bulletin board or on social media.

You must connect with the very audience who you’re trying to attract with a language and a message that resonates for them and feels conversational.

Content marketing will grow. If you’re still including lines like: “If you want a free consultation about how personal training can help, our trainers are ready to help. Call xyz or email so-and-so,” your fall success could improve 10x by improving the connection.

See yourself not as this hub where people come to find what you have to offer them, but as the single spoke who extends out to the right audience to bring them in. Then your marketing will become more specific than general and more successful than stressful.

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