4 Unlikely Testimonial Sources You’re Not Using

 I’ve got some testimonial sources you may want to tap into in this episode! 

Already asking for testimonials regularly? You might be tempted to skip this one. But don’t!

Videos of your successful clients are always going to work, right? But there’s something that you’re not using that may be the difference between someone pulling the trigger and deciding to start training with you. 


In order of testimonial strength, I’d say we have this right now: 

You adding a text quote from your testimonial sources and adding their first name and maybe age.

Including a quote that adds a full name and age. 

A screenshot of a social media post with name blacked out

A screenshot of a social media post including profile name 

A video of a client with a first name (and potentially age) 

A video of a client with a full name 

And the power of a testimonial increases if you ask the right questions. (Check notes for previous content on testimonials)


 Who else’s life was changed because of the change in your client? 

One of the key questions I ask customers when they’re thinking about getting started is who else is affected by them not being where they want to be.

Say someone tells me that they have been thinking about it for a long time and they think about it frequently, I’ll ask who else is impacted. 

How many times have you asked a customer to share a testimonial? Or you’ve taken a screenshot of their comment on social media? 

And if you’re not doing this, start! It should be a regular part of your process for every program, every final client session, and every event. Just automatically have it go out. Have another follow-up if they pay no attention the first time. 

And then … 


There is strength in numbers.

So, don’t miss these sources of testimonials:

  •     Friends
  •     Children
  •     Partner/Spouse
  •     Coworkers/bosses/employees


Can you see the power of hearing a child talk about the change in their parent? Not only could that put a tear in the eye of a viewer, it may make them take the leap because often things get expressed like fears that couldn’t be spoken out loud when the fear was still felt. 

The power of a young child or grandchild is going to be different than that of an adult child but don’t rule any of them out.

So, what testimonial sources are you forgetting, friend? Who else should you ask that can share what you do? In better words that you can say yourself? 


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