Tell, Don’t Sell ….and get Sales in Personal Training!

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I don’t want to be sold. I don’t want someone else telling me what they think is best for me.

At least not until I believe they are an expert.

Our customers are the same.

So tell, don’t sell.

If you are the best in the business, and you truly do know your science as well the art of the training business then if you can tell them that in such a way that gets them thinking…”I need some more of that” then you will find yourself just narrowing down which package, not what if, a client is going to get.

How do you do that?

Start planning numerous ways right now. Are you an expert in osteoporosis? Exercise in pregnancy? Postural assessment? Body mechanics? Golf?

Prepare a seminar. Write some catchy titles that tell the reader exactly what your seminar is about and schedule them. Create a flyer, an outline and an offer for selling a specific service.

Prepare a ‘feeder’ for your business. Give something away for free in order to gain exposure to clients who you will show need you. This might be a complimentary session, it might be three. It might be a week at your group training bootcamp. You decide here what makes the most sense but don’t get caught up too much in giving away your time. If you aren’t full anyway, it is the best possible use of that down time.

Take an objective look at your website. Is it informative for your clients and about your customers? Or is it about you? Stop wasting your time and money and energy maintaining it if it’s bad and use your slow time during the month of December (true for some not all) and revise or start over and make it serve your customers. Its the only reason to have one. Write some content that is informative.


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