Talk to Customers You Want Most | 5-Minute Marketing Tips

Can you talk to customers the way their friends do? 

If the customers you want to attract want clarity, want to end the confusion, want confidence, they also want to sense it from you. 

Two Common Incongruencies:

Fitness and health coaches who are over the top on social videos, moving in a frenzy, speaking with overzealous enthusiasm … that isn’t a fit for the market they want to attract with money to spend, and the commitment to follow through. 

Fitness coaches forget about the customer they want to attract and the mistakes of making videos on social media – that don’t get any likes, shares, views, comments or saves. 

Don’t forget WHO you are and WHO your ideal prospect is. Reverse engineer from your ideal customer – the one you know has the most success and that you love working with! 

Talk So Customers Listen

How do you talk to customers in a way they’d listen? What tone of voice, what rate of speech, what type of video would appeal to THEM? 

If you’re just trying to compete for eyeballs without caring which eyeballs, your popularity, if you get it may cost you. Wasted time on people who want freebies, or entertainment… and maybe not even that. Because without being authentic, it’s hard to attract anyone.  

Know who you are, and who the customers you want to attract are! Be you and speak to them like a friend not like a speech or performance. You want to talk authentically whether you’re writing, actually speaking, or in a video moving. 

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