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If you don’t take a stand what will make your message memorable? Demand attention by having a real opinion. Are you worth listening to? In today’s social media climate, no one is going to listen to the same old same old.

While you want to be likeable you might be trying so hard that you’re not sharing anything memorable.

Slow down to make your point and really have one.

In another post I’ll give some examples how you can make simple guidelines and fitness principal reminders come alive. In this post I just want to share opinions that are getting a lot of engagement.

The trick is, to make sure you get engagement that is from the people you want to attract and repelling to those you don’t want to attract.

For example, right now or in the past year have you shared anything about vaccines or masks? And your personal view on them? That’s an example of how to take a stand.

3 Examples of how to take a stand:

  • One young woman I know has a nutrition consulting company, she regularly posts in stories and everywhere her very strong opinion that she won’t be getting a vaccine, she doesn’t believe in masks, and makes jokes about wearing mesh masks for instance while flying. That’s probably endearing her to someone and alienating others, or maybe not, some may appreciate her taking a stand.
  • A young man just breaking into social media trying to establish a presence as a body builder who also is anti-masks (not intentionally the theme here), if his goal is to be an influencer and as a part of it might like to be picked by companies to collaborate that could backfire. He’d want to think about whether those companies – protein or supplements, would be able to choose him if he had content that went against a company policy. It may have eliminated him from opportunities.


  • I took a stand in my TEDx talk pointing out we’ve been pushing the same guidelines and position statements toward every population in a general way for a long time in the fitness industry and few programs or even personal training sessions are actually created using research featuring specific clients.

What would you die on a hill for? What are you “for?” What are you “against?”


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