Persuade Personal Training Prospects to DO IT NOW!

Everyone shops. Everyone occasionally shops and then wants to mull it over after they get the facts. Decisions on personal training services can be tricky and layered. They first have to decide [...]


Persuade Your Personal Training Clients with Depth

If you read the most recent blog….you did your homework on defining exactly why YOU; why a prospective client should work with you …when there are so many choices available to him, or [...]


The Business of Objections

“I’m just here because it’s free. I don’t need your help. I don’t want to buy anything from you.” So says the client in front of you at your complimentary [...]


Personal Training Business School

Make sure you know the business of personal training. Closing the sale to get the client depends on your finding out what the motivating factor is for getting started today. The emotionally [...]