The surprise no personal fitness trainer wants

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It Happens

Be prepared in case it happens to you. What if you lose three clients this week? You built your business around training two or three or more times a week and those sessions are gone.

The good news is you have plenty of free time. The bad news is when things are going well somehow our cost of living tends to expand to the revenue we make. That means suddenly the life you’re accustomed to is no longer something you can pay for. It may mean ceasing memberships and luxuries.

Many directors and trainers running their own business set up with a 40 (or 80) client model. It’s a choice that makes losing one client- one hour a week nothing to worry about. Your source of referral machine is great. You have 38-39 more clients to talk to about who they know that need you.

An equal number of trainers set up with multiple training sessions per client per week in order to have greater impact and “touches.” We all have been there with clients who meet you and workout and “get busy” or “have major work projects” or out of town company and on and on… that provide the excuse for not exercising between. Results are hard to come by. Eventually the client will “get it” and realize this is not going to work. 

While at the same time you’ll have the vacationer or the frequently sick client get the flu. The summer off client or the winter snow bird clients all can upset your steady stable revenue.

Your model has to be strong enough to withstand everything from the small breeze to the hurricane. Have you gone through the “what it” scenario?

When you calculate the possibility of you spending money on a vacation and the loss of revenue you might have if you’re gone, what does that look like?

What if it’s you who has medical expenses and a week or more off with the flu?

Full today isn’t a reason to take a breather. It’s now time to leverage your success and think deeply about how to insure that you gone and you sick still results in revenue for you.

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