How to Host a Successful Fitness Retreat

First things first! Define your successful fitness retreat! 

There are half a dozen goals you may have, but to host a successful fitness retreat you have to pick your top one. You can have subcategories below it. I’ll give you 6 possible ways to define success. Then I’ll walk you through how to plan and types of activities and experiences you want to offer. 

6 Measures of a Successful Fitness Retreat

  1. Profit 

  2. Community

  3. Bonus 

  4. Upsell 

  5. Affiliate sales 

  6. Orientation for high ticket group (mastermind) 

Types of experiences: 


Hiking, biking, yoga, SUP, triathlon training, water fitness, strength, Pilates, horseback riding, golfing

Individual opportunities for learning 

Addressing the group but individual worksheets

White space 

Down time! Between activities, plenty of time to get ready 


Laughter, vulnerability, bravery, courage, sadness


Group hot seats, partner activities, small groups

Profitability will depend on several factors: 

How much does it remove you from doing what you would otherwise be doing to generate revenue? Or from access to team members depending on you? 

How much does each dinner, activity, lodging, and materials cost you? 

Will you deliver solo or have guests attend and present? Will you pay them or compensate otherwise? 

Think in advance about your refund policy. Will you:

Refund at all? 

Do a partial amount? 

Will you refund within 30 days of the event? 

What will you be offering?

Will you be educating them? Entertaining them? Connecting them? Connecting them on a deeper level to you? 

If you’re doing a hike, does pace and ability matter? How to screen everyone so they’re similar or have sherpas along for a lower price or as trainers health coaches who work for you. 

Do a planning session. 

Vet each of your venues. 

Do a post retreat breakdown.

What went well? What didn’t go so well? Would you do anything differently? What would you do more or less of? 

How could you screen more optimally to be sure you’re attracting the right audience? 

Price it: 

Evaluate Raw Cost

Value your time 

Set Registration Fees

Could there be a VIP experience?

Consider Upsell 


Local (for you), destination, Local (for them). 


Lead Time? 

Two months is not enough, 6 is not too long depending on the location and nature of the retreat. 

Price Structure: 

Early Bird, and regular (40% above costs, or 50-60% above costs) 

Bonus and no bonus (value of bonus commensurate with the value of the retreat) 

Follow up: 

Feedback & Evaluation 

Make the offer (if applicable) 

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