Defining Successful Fitness Business for Your Own Happiness

If you’re not defining a successful fitness business for yourself, you’re going to be more and more unhappy as you grow and scale it. 

If you start out working around the clock without an end in sight or boundaries, chances are, in five years you’ll still be doing it. 

That said, you have to be willing to do the things no one else is willing to do. I’ve done those 14- and 16-hour days where I’ve barely been out of pajamas between actively creating marketing, programs, hosting webinars, and learning what I needed to do next. 

I’ve taken roles back during the pandemic to ensure the health of my business when we didn’t know what was going to happen. And then I’ve hired and trained while doing the jobs that had to be done until others can do them. 

So, I’m not saying that you’re going to say you want to work 5 hours a day and you can start that today and be profitable… but I’m also not going to say you can’t! And neither should you!

Don’t Wait, Start

It may be the way you have to work… if you:

  • 03:13 Are doing this between school drop off and pick up 
  • 03:18 Work a different job as you build what you really want to do
  • 03:21 Or … if you simply want to do this as a hobby (if you deep down want to do this and just can’t believe you can make the same or more as your “real” job, we should talk: I earn in a month what I earned in a year 9 years ago… and it was nice then, so you may have some mindset around money to resolve). 

04:00 Reaching the level of success you want depends on you defining it.  

05:23 Two fitness pros (from two different groups or masterminds) recently shared a vision of a “successful fitness business” and so I suspect this is something that you might also need to define. 

What is your definition of success? 

Is it monetary? Is it the number of people you reach?

Do you want to have a certain percent of profit margin? For me, that became very clear after 2020. The realization hit me, that if I did business very differently, and made decisions very differently, my profit margin could much more often be closer to 60%. 

Is your definition of a successful fitness business satisfying some itch within you that feels like you’re not enough just yet? 

Are you proving something to someone else or to yourself? These questions beg to be answered and you may have had no idea you were going down this rabbit hole.

That’s what happens when you start and really put effort into a business. Your personal stuff comes up. If it’s more about you then, achieving a successful fitness business doesn’t necessarily mean fulfillment. 

And its fulfillment that brings happiness, peace, and contentedness. 

So, rather than you defining a successful fitness business, which might be a certain revenue per month or percent of profit margin – or doing that in a silo – you want to look at what will enhance your fulfillment. 

What kind of a day makes you sleep well?

How would you spend days that make you excited to get up? 

Do you want to engage with lots of others regularly and have a team working with you? 

Or do you prefer to work alone and create? 

There are no “right” or “wrong” answers except where you may not have answered at all going deeply enough into details. 

Paint a picture in your answer so that anyone else can imagine the day and the feelings associated with your business. 


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