How to Be Healthy Enough, Profitable and Successful Enough

What for you is successful enough? If there’s no wrong answer, no right answer, what do you really want? Is it a monetary return? Is it a certain lifestyle? 

One thing I’d like for you to consider is you may already have it. I realized not long ago that I’m living my best life day today. I love my schedule, love my lifestyle, and am traveling just the right amount to the places I want to go. 

If I close my eyes, or if I write in a journal about my ideal home… I’ve been living it. 

And all too easily we sometimes start thinking that we have to keep striving and pushing and efforting. Are you successful enough? Or what would that look like for you? 

In this short Q and A episode with Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist, Amy, we talk about her second career and how she’s building a business. … and you can too. 

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My Guest:

Amy VanLiew is a Flipping 50 Menopause Fitness Specialist with certifications in Menopause Fitness, Corrective Exercise, and Osteoporosis Fitness and she’s a retired engineer! She helps women over 50 get moving and feel better even as the aches and pains of age start to creep in, all from the comfort of their own home. At 50 she learned that life should not be about punishing our bodies or starving ourselves it’s about accepting ourselves, learning to navigate the changes, and being healthy enough to do the things we love to do, To feel good, to feel satisfied, and to also be able to truly enjoy this later and better half of life.

Questions We Answer in this Q and A Episode:

  • [03:26] Biggest aha to you about menopause fitness? 
  • [04:21] What have you found to be the area where the clients you’re attracting struggle the most? 
  • [06:25] You’re a recent cover girl, which we’ve talked so much publicity being a key to getting you found, how did it came about?
  • [12:00] What if you were starting over again, what would you advise a listener do to get started? 

There you have it. You too can be successful enough. 

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