Are You Still Using @Gmail @Yahoo @Hotmail For Your Business?

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Email is the Number One Source of Communication and Marketing with a New Customer

Do you want to be a Yahoo? Enough said. Worse, though…you send a newsletter out. Your heavily logo’d, branded email service that includes the names of employees or of (another mistake) independent contractors…with call to actions that say for more information contact or

Hate to break the news…but this trainer…who gets a lead…isn’t going to tell you when they don’t return the email or when they don’t get an appointment or how they handle the phone conversation. She isn’t going to mention that they didn’t return a message after the initial contact. You aren’t going to get to hear the message she left to know if it was how you’d trained (you did train your staff to deal with YOUR customers right?) her.

You just lost a lead that should have come back to you, been documented by you, recorded and followed up on by YOU. The business, the brand.

Bu-Bye, dollars.


Hate to break EVEN MORE BAD NEWS…. email is only delivered at less than 50% these days. SO to a gmail account, a hotmail account or a yahoo account? Your trainer may NEVER have gotten the email. It’s in SPAM.

The customer? Thinks your customer service sucks. You don’t respond. And guess what. (do you do this: I do) When I’m ready to buy something or check out a service …I look up multiple sites and I send multiple emails … those who get back to me…because SOMEONE WILL be using a professional email…WIN.

Those lost, undelivered, un followed-up on emails…COST YOU MONEY. And WORD-OF-MOUTH advertising. It IS as bad as not showing up for an appointment, in fact it’s worse…because you’re probably not going to get the chance.

I know. You think YOU hired great people. The best of them let’s you down. Dog threw up on the carpet…forgotten email. Feeling a little morning sickness. Forgotten email. Busy enough and spouse the actual breadwinner…they don’t care enough, aren’t hungry enough…and no one will know…enough.

Why does it make sense that your business sends an email out using an email service (Constant Contact, Aweber, MailChimp…) in order to track customer management and engagement…and get the 90% email delivery that email services like Aweber get…in order to invite call to action…to an email that has an 70% chance of NOT being delivered?

That’s like saying, “Contact Us!! We’ll drop the ball and not return your email! We’ll NEVER bother you! You can count on it!”

Unfortunately, I subscribe to several newsletters…for clubs I monitor, who are suffering from marketing suppression, who do exactly this.

Don’t create another email until you clean this up. What options?

1. Bring the email responses back to a business owner/director/manager NAME. You broker. Record, follow up with staff. and or follow up with the customer.

2. Get all of your staff using a branded @YourBusiness email.


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