Stay five more minutes.

Long hours, long days. It’s busy in the personal training business right. Then suddenly it’s 7:30pm and you realize you haven’t seen your kids yet today or let your dog out or been home since you left your bed early this morning. Furthermore, you’re about to head there and get up and do it again.

It’s tempting to put in the minimal time and get out the door.

I had a marketing presentation tonight. It was scheduled to last 30 minutes including questions. An hour and a half later I walked out the door. They were a group of professional women who were also good friends. And we’re talking about fitness and nutrition in January? I could barely get them to quiet down so I could begin! Then they laughed and giggled and wanted to engage in demonstrations.

I finally had to wrap it up and told them that anyone who hadn’t had a chance to experience the equipment was welcome to a complimentary session with me at another time. The names and numbers filled the sheet. It’s something we typically do anyway…but they didn’t know that. And when they said “even if we’re not members?” what do you think I said?

Of course even if you’re not members! Even better in fact if you’re not members! Maybe you’ll train as a non-member. Maybe you’ll join to get the member rates. Maybe you’ll do neither but you’ll have had such an amazing experience you’ll tell everyone that you know about it and someone you know needs this, right?

The point is that the extra time spent letting them get comfortable in the personal training studio with their friends in the evening meant that it was all far less intimidating than one of them coming in alone. We broke the ice. They laughed and poked fun at themselves and had a good time doing it. Conditioning to replace the negative emotions they have around exercise and their past experiences. That will go a long way to making the follow complimentary sessions we do successful.

You don’t have to wait for a group to contact you. Set up seminars. Give them a different name. News You Can Use, Knowledge is Power, Fitness Facts…and then come up with some seasonal topics and timely information. Then advertise in your newspaper, your e-letter, your club, your group fitness classes should announce it, your front desk staff should have a note that reminds them to ask people if they’re coming, it should be on your website, your on-hold messaging, and on your social media.

Right now what’s hot?

How to make the resolution stick.

How not to diet and still lose weight and feel great.

Secrets of the Naturally Thin.

How to use weight lifting to lose inches.

How to exercise in less time and make more progress.

A short presentation, 20-25 minutes is all you need. People want information but in sound bytes.  Research, prepare, and practice. Leave time for Q and A and then make a strong close to end. Capture names and contact information by giving guests an opportunity to evaluate the presentation.

Use your flip cam and post the rehearsal of a couple key lines in your social media. “Would you like to learn 5 keys to eating less without feeling deprived?” “Are you sabotaging your success without knowing it?” “Do you know how many nutrition decisions you make daily?”

Get started! You’re audience is waiting!


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