How to Stay Calm in COVID19 | Reopening Fitness Centers

Note: this episode was recorded a few weeks before things began opening up. No matter when you listen you’ll hear a leader making pivots, share how to stay calm and make rational decisions.

How do you stay calm during these times? Anxiety does not discriminate right now. How are you doing? I’ve brought on a friend and colleague to chat about COVID19 as a business owner and talk about opening up, right now opportunities, and what she’s been thinking and doing.

My guest:

Robin Robertson has owned and operated the Bellingham Training & Tennis Club for 20 years and ushered in a 600% growth in membership while she took the club from a mom & pop 4 court tennis club to its current world-class facility with 5 indoor tennis courts, two strength studios, an indoor cycling studio, locker rooms stocked with amenities and a cozy member lounge with fireplace and free coffee. She is also the founder of Healthy Knees Coach and author of “Healthy Knees Cycling” with a new book due in May called “Healthy Knees Strength.”

Questions we covered in this episode:

  • What are you doing to stay calm in COVID19?
  • What concerns you most right now?
  • How are you pivoting or what did you already have in place to help business?
  • What do you think is going to change about brick-and-mortar vs. virtual gymberships?
  • Suggestions for listeners who want it to “be over” and “go back to the way it was”?
  • How can your business prepare to reopen?
  • Other ways Robin mentioned they’re making good use of this time:

We are rewriting our standard operating procedures for cleanliness, creating options for members to purchase branded equipment packs so they have their own of the harder to clean like bands, talking about putting fears to ease with how to space in group training, what to do about indoor cycling spacing and ventilation)

Connect with Robin:  or 

Resources we mentioned:


  • Profit First – Mike Mikalowitz


  • – Krisstina Wise

Show notes:

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