What Would You Do If You Were Starting Over? Female Fitness Leader Responds

Need a little boost starting or starting over? 

In case you hadn’t noticed, the fitness industry is well-represented by female leaders. From IDEA, SCW, FitnessFest, Canfitpro, AFAA, and so many more internationally leading continuing education and enhancement of the fitness industry through positive messages. Here in this episode is Sara Kooperman, who’s bio is going to blow you away. 

Before you go feeling left behind I want to remind you that she’s not slowing down. She’s pivoting when some would have exited. She’s doing more when many would have done less. She’s proof that no one starts and coasts. If you’re building now, your rebuilding now, or you’re thinking of starting, it is not your age that matters. 

It’s about so many things, including a willingness to risk and to fail. 

You can’t lead standing still. 

I am about to read an incredibly long bio. And I am going to read every word because it’s been earned and you need to know this funny, talented mom I’m about to interview has been there, done that and continues to… so that you can. Starting now or starting over, it’s all in here.

My Guest: 

Sara Kooperman, JD, CEO of SCW Fitness Education, WATERinMOTION® and S.E.A.T. Fitness, is a visionary leader that has transformed the fitness education community. A successful business owner and advisor, she is a keynote speaker, published author, webinar host, podcast presenter and sought-after industry leader. Sara has launched seven (7) successful MANIA® fitness-professional conventions & Business Summits, another six (6) Streaming Conferences, and over 40 live and online certifications. Her company has touched more than 100,000 Fitness Professionals face-to-face and engaged another 300,000+ in virtual connections. Having produced over 600 Fitness Instructor Training videos, written several books, and been published repeatedly in magazines and newspapers, Sara is well-known for her creativity and impact on the health and wellness industry. She has a unique ability to share her passion and devotion towards fitness education through her humor, enthusiasm, and her effervescent no-nonsense personality.

Sara is committed to sharing her knowledge and expertise as a fitness industry leader for the past 4 decades through speaking engagements across the world. She is a favorite presenter for the IHRSA, Filex, canfitpro, Athletic Business Show, Medical Fitness Association, International Council on Active Aging, JCC, Club Industry, YMCA, Illinois Park & Recreation Association, AYP, IDEA, FitPro, Marriott Vacation Club, Gold’s Gym, WIFA, Nevada Recreation & Park Association as well as over a dozen international events throughout the world. Sara is also the former Owner and CEO of Les Mills Midwest, which she successfully led for over 10 years.

There’s More

Sara is an attorney who graduated from Washington University School of Law and completed undergraduate work from Cambridge University in England. Sara was selected as a Gold Medal winner distinguishing her as a business leader who has contributed to the economic health of her community. She also is the proud recipient of the Illinois State Business Woman of the Year and AEA’s Global Award for Contribution to the Aquatic Industry.

Having been a former adjunct faculty member for the Kenneth Cooper Institute, ACSM, NASM, ACE and AFAA, Sara serves on the Gold’s Gym Think Tank, is on the canfitpro Advisory Panel, was a founding board member for the Women In Fitness Association (WIFA), and is a proud inductee into the National Fitness Hall of Fame. Sara currently serves on IHRSA’s Headlight Committees for Facility Standards and is also a Co-Host of IHRSA’s Talks & Takes Monthly Talk Show. Recently nominated for the IDEA Fitness Leader of the Year Award, Kooperman won the 2022  Most Innovative Fitness Pro by Fitness Industry Technology Council. Sara has left an indelible mark on the fitness industry as a whole.

The Rest

What I haven’t said is that she could do stand up comedy, she’s a down to earth mom of boys, she’s refreshingly “no BS,” creative, and has the ability to both teach on the level that participants in her fitness classes appreciate and then take in the big picture and change the face of an industry. That’s all before lunch. 

The harder I work the luckier I get.

-Sara Kooperman


Questions we answer in this episode: 

07:59 What is the best piece of advice you’d give new trainers? 

13: 04 What would you do the same or different?

13:50 What was the biggest leap you’ve taken in your career?

16:14 How much did the pandemic impact you and your businesses? What was the hardest as a leader during that time?

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made and how did they end up helping you? 

25:30 If you were STARTing over how would you promote yourself and your business? 

A few nuggets from Sara Kooperman for starting over or starting: 

  • Just show up.
  • Be on time.
  • Answer emails within 24 hours.
  • Answer your text messages.
  • Be nice.
  • Have your own website.
  • Keep it up to date. 
  • Have a landing page.
  • Be up to date on social media. 
  • Ask for help.
  • Ask for the opportunity. 
  • Ask again.

As a woman in business, I do not cry.

-Sara Kooperman

How to Connect with Sara: 





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Listen to Sara’s Interview on Flipping 50: https://www.flippingfifty.com/midlife-fitness-changes

I built my entire business on “what if”

-Sara Kooperman

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