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#289 Are you starting a new business as personal trainer? You’ll want to listen to this episode. I interview Jen Shaver who is in her second career. We hear here story of starting and growing her personal training business.

My Guest:

Jennifer Shaver from Fit with Shaver. She is a former endurance athlete who spent many years doing countless triathlons, 7 full marathons and 9 half marathons.

Jen didn’t enter the age group world of running until age 33 but, once she started the only thing holding her back was her pain. During her endurance athlete time she was suffering from bulging discs, anemia and extreme joint pain because she didn’t implement several important factors into her training as she was aging. As a child of the 80’s she is a reformed cardio junkie and has changed her ways and her pain.

New Career

Jen is a former middle and high school Spanish teacher who has combined her love of teaching and enthusiasm for fitness together and has taken her talents from the classroom to online to help the busy midlife woman learn to make exercise work for their body, for their hormones and for their schedules. She offers a variety of online, at home strength training classes for the everyday busy woman with no extreme moves.

Jen describes all of her workouts put the fun in functional training and are void of vomit-inducing burpees, crunches, and jumping. Just the functional movements that will lead to a strong healthy life filled with enjoyment and movement. 

She enjoys sharing her knowledge as a triple certified fitness expert to help women experience the mood and energy boosting effects of exercise. Her workouts are designed to make you feel empowered, not defeated. 

Questions we answer in this episode:

1). How did Fit with Shaver come to be?

2.) What exactly do you do at Fit with Shaver?

3.) What is your niche?

4.) What has been the hardest part of starting a new business/career?

5) What have you learned from starting your business to now?

6) What do you think makes you unique?

7) What has been the biggest “aha” about the business of fitness?

8) What do you want for your business in 2022?


She’s Social too!

Instagram: Fit with Shaver

Facebook: Fit with Shaver

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