You Standing Naked On Your Marketing Stage?

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If You Can’t Get Their Attention You Can’t Get Their Business

What if there was a way to get more attention? 

What if your prospective customers came looking for you?

What if your current customers were singing your praises so much that they got you more traffic than paid ads?

Imagine that you had a system that did that daily… got new fans and new subscribers without much effort and converted them easily into paying customers with the “next step?”

You don’t have to wish it, I know how to make it happen. In fact this blog is going to share the simple system with you.

The world gets the same access to new research, Huffington Post, New York Times and anything else they care to access.

So how do you define yourself and your brand differently? 

Sharing the same article 9 other fitness professionals do with your “what do you think?” attached to it? Is that what you’re doing?

Do you share lists of …”10 most popular snacks” and suggest they are ideas for your customer?

Imagine the votes for your candidacy as “most popular trainer” are likes, shares and comments. How are you doing?

Relax though. If you’re like  most of the fitness businesses that share their number one goal…getting more of each of those… there’s an answer.

Go deeper. Your customer doesn’t need the 10 most popular snacks. She needs your “grade” or assigned timing or frequency of the 10 most popular snacks.

Where did this idea come from? Well, it’s my business. I watch social media of fitness businesses. This literally was a shared post by a fitness business – a big one – last week just pre-Super Bowl. Perfect timing…and a bomb in content. It was just suggesting fans use the list for ideas of snacks. (They weren’t particularly “good” or healthy snacks…they were just the most popular)

No content offered, no distinct branding.

YES, it’s work. It’s time. Welcome to business. Your social media campaign is not working? It’s not working because it sucks.

You sharing instantly something you come across that remotely has to do with food, exercise, relaxation, or disease…is not a campaign. You bury yourself in the crowd. Get a black or red suitcase and go stand at baggage claim. Same lame thing. Your social marketing expert who doesn’t know anything about fitness, health and wellness…is driving your social media opportunity into the ground.

So you spend an hour dolling up your comments/dissecting the snacks, creating new graphics or charts. Based on nutrients, based on fiber, based on digestibility…. and you suggest pre-exericse, post exercise, mid-day mini meal… and give some real value to the topic you know is hot.

THAT will get you liked, shared, and commented on. 

Then you take that little time-consuming project and break it out into 10 other posts with images…linking back to your website where you have the main article… and BAM! They are on your website which IS the goal.

You sharing other people’s great stuff without attaching your URL or hashtag (with purpose) is being a wonderful affiliate marketer without being paid for it. Nice you.

Maybe you can workout at that gym when yours is out of business.

Give people information…that they don’t get anywhere else.

Give people an opinion….and risk PO some people: they are not your customer. Ever.

Give people a reason to check back. You’re funny? You’re opinionated?

Seriously, there are a lot of educated people in the fitness industry. It’s not enough. What else ya got?

Figure that out and you’ll attract a whole lot of people who are wanting and waiting for a strong leader. No one is looking for a “nice” trainer. Smart, result-focused, competent, direct, detail-oriented…. but in the 25 years I’ve been training… no one ever hired me…or called clubs I managed programs for looking for a “nice” trainer.

Should you have integrity? Yep. And is that usually nice, respectful? Yep. But it’s also blunt, and in-your-face when your client believes so BS reasons why they can’t get results.

If you’re afraid of what people will think…life will be hard. Business, though, will be impossible.


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