How To Stand Out With Customers Seeking Personal Trainers

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Critical advice from the decision makers: your customer

Be very good at what you do. Stand out from the rest. Have published articles in specific areas. Have a track record of testimonials from clients who “know people.”

You may have to do a few gigs for free to get that done. Offer your service in exchange for a testimonial- under the conditions that if you do a good job and have been valuable and the client gets results they want – the individual will write you a testimonial. You may need to write it for a busy person. Be prepared to do that. 

Put your client first. Make him or her feel important and make not just the exercise but the experience and the way you deliver it professional from start to end. Be willing to check your ego at the door. You are there to serve. 

What trainers and areas of interest are in high demand?

Training for older adults. If you don’t have any experience don’t fake it. This will cost you clients now and in the future. Spend time watching and observing other veteran trainers work with older clients before you take on your own. 

How can you get attention if you’re just beginning to get some experience but don’t have a track record yet? 

Be unique. Have an opinion. Make sure it’s educated and backed by something recent and published – not out of a text book and outdated. Don’t quote another experts content and claim it as your own. Other people know. You lose credibility fast doing that. Spend the time you’re out copying and create original content and get an opinion that has some experience, education and is YOU.


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