Spring Break brings opportunities to some trainers and frustration to others – which are you?

Hear a Pin Drop

For some trainers and gyms that’s what happens this time of year. The annual pilgrimage to beaches, slopes or basketball arenas leaves the gym and perhaps your training schedule empty.

For every client who goes away though, there is another new prospect whose “stay-cation” may be your opportunity. Have you tried relevant new programs? Short term spring training? Youth special events? Basketball-oriented promotions? Workouts surrounding broadcasts of local heroes that feature a group gathering for push ups, planks or lunges per three pointer?

These things don’t happen by accident. They do require creativity. You have to be fresh, be thinking ahead AND on your feet. You need to use all your devices and all your media outlets appropriately in advance and at the spur of the moment. Once you miss a window of opportunity it’s gone for good.

Sand Between Your Toes

Are you instead…at the beach while your clients are at home? Are they finding a romance with another trainer, another free class, another trainer? Nervous?

If you’ve planned ahead for a sub within your organization, for a program free of charge (it is after all your leave not theirs) you can protect your schedule.

If you take care of details ahead of time and approach your schedule with a different expectation than a loss of customers, traffic and client sessions, you can win.

If you expect low numbers, low revenue and just let it happen, you’ll be right.


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