Are You Spending Your Time Right? Hierarchy of Needs

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Spending your time wisely right now is more important than ever. I’m a big believer that you have to guard your personal workout time. Also that if you’re still doing the fitness plan that you had in February of 2020, and you’re experiencing any additional stress from the pandemic that you’re doing yourself a disservice and depleting your immune system.

Enough on that. Let’s talk about the way you are spending your time right now.


Come back with me right now to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. You learned it in psychology 101, again in your health class potentially.

At the bottom of the pyramid is Safety and Security. If you don’t get that right you can’t rise above.

In January of 2020 you may have been focused on the top of the pyramid, in influence and legacy.

Yet, potentially now you’ve dropped back as many of us have to needing to secure finances, and reduce expenses.

What activities you spending your time on now?

Be sure that the way you spend your time reflects where you are right now. You’ve got to drop activities like influencer posts in social media, and detailed SEO work, or trying to reach indirect lead generation sources.

You do want to be spending time figuring out how to make a sale today. You’ve got to take direct responsibility for asking for business today.

  • Book consultations and ask for the sale
  • Make phone calls to follow up on interested prospects
  • Send reminders for failed payments
  • Craft and send a high-converting email
  • Increase your direct lead.
  • Enhance your customer experience and increase the value of that customer

At the end of the day, a friend’s husband said he knew how his business was doing based on this one simple thing, “If I have more money at the end of the day than I had at the beginning.”

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