If You Spend More Time on Social Media than on Email you lose

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Social media users are there to see their friends and get a few laughs. They don’t want to leave and read your full blog or article. They don’t want to sign up for your class. If they did they’d come to you by phone or website.

If you ignore the reason social sites are there, you essentially ignore the customer waiting at the front desk wanting to get a towel while you’re trying to sell them a training session they didn’t ask you about.

Who would do that?

Look on social media. A lot of people.

Don’t follow what you see on social when what you see on social is not monotizing. Unless you know that what you’re doing goes A>B>C>money from a new customer why would you do it.

That’s a deeper thought if you know that what doesn’t attract repels. If they aren’t engaging with you they are leaving.

Here are the numbers: 2% of your Twitter fans ever see a post. 3% of your Facebook fans ever see a post. 99% of your email subscribers “get” the email. (unless you are very bad at cleaning up bounced emails … in which case that number goes down drastically as well because google says that you must not be relevant since few are opening your email, so they stop sending your email to others as well).

Now, your email subscribers may not open it at all. They may delete it. They may save it for later…and then delete it. But you at least have a chance with email. And unless they unsubscribe …and of course you have told them that they will receive your emails and how often.. they are voluntarily there.

They are who should get your most developed content…all about THEM…and the most burning questions THEY have. NOT about what you or your trainers want to write about. That’s backwards. That’s like making supper… say it’s grilled steak and potatoes and then asking a guest what they’re hungry for. You’re vegan you say?


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