23 Social Media Tips for Personal Trainers & Health Coaches

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23 Social Media Tips for Personal Trainers & Health Coaches

These social media tips are going to come at you rapid fire. Be ready! Choose a few you need and aren’t doing. You don’t have to do them all! Do decide, do, then measure your progress. These are based on the past three weeks of sitting on two panels, actually emceeing one, and presenting 3 times on social media tips that are working right now.

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  1.  Pick the platform your BEST customer is on and OWN it first! Already on “all the sites” let them go dark and post that you’ve posted X to your first priority site (e.g. a new video on YouTube or a live on Facebook) regularly.
  1. Schedule your posts based on when your customer is using a platform.Create the schedule and stick to it. For instance if the majority of your fans are on at 4, 5, and 6pm in your time zone and it’s fairly even but Tuesday and Wednesday are the biggest days that tells you a lot about when to post key material, right?
  2. Post organically in real time when possible.It’s showing a bigger reach than scheduled posts across most platforms for influencers. YOU can plan your post and have them cued up and ready to go but have someone or you post in real time.
  1. Use your insights every week.They should dictate what you post, what you don’t, the medium of your post (long text, short text, image and what kind of image, or video) They also tell you if you’re reaching and growing to the audience you’re targeting.
  2. There IS a #hashtag strategy and should you use it.On Instagram 11-29 hashtags that are relevant to the post!If you post a recipe your tags should reflect food, healthy food, recipes, etc. If you’re “done” you don’t need more hashtags to do better. Choose the best hashtags and leave it alone.
  3. Put hashtags on Instagram posts in the first commentafter you post, not on the post itself. Don’t weave them into your post, which makes it difficult to read.
  1. Research hashtags with low, moderate, and heavy use.You’re going to get lost choosing #fitness #fitnessmotivation with millions and millions of posts. But you may get found and grow if you use #fitnessforwomen #womenwholift #womenwhorun #athomefitness and you can create and use your own. Be sure you tell your audience, hey, use this! The smaller you are the more you use those lesser-used ones. Think of it as a long-tail key word phrase. You’ll get fewer people overall but more of the right people.
  2. Don’t forget your content bank.You’ve already created videos and articles. They can become images and lists that become infographics or compilations. Long videos can become multiple teasers for your programs or long content. Are you reinventing the wheel constantly when you post? Go back to the posts that have done well. Don’t only focus on morematerial like that, but on repurposing that same content. There are new people all the time coming to your site and pages. Show them the same posts they otherwise wouldn’t see. It can be a trip down memory lane for your loyal fans and an introduction to you for your new followers.
  3. Introduce yourself regularly.Use a season or an event (e.g. anniversary, threshold of fans) as an excuse to reintroduce yourself on your platforms. Don’t assume they know what you stand for already. Share your mission, your why, and let them get to know you better with a longer description of you. Break it up with emojis and space.
  4. Choose your titles wisely.This is definitely true for video content either loaded to Facebook natively or to YouTube. It’s also true of your blogs or podcasts. (as it is your subject lines in emails)!

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  1. Make more than one unique content-sharing posts. An image of a guest you’ve interviewed for example will do better than the same podcast cover or a logo. It’s new and fresh every time. Once people are used to seeing your cover image they’ll skim over it and miss that it’s new content. As a part of Social 365 system I teach how to create 6 slices of juicy social posts from any one piece of content.
  2. Short and long posts, videos, work for different reasons.Short posts work for short attention spans and may grow your following. Short videos are seen for a greater percent of time: important on Facebook and YouTube uploaded videos. Long videos get viewed for more minutes – important on YouTube for showing up in recommended videos to more of the people who watch. Keep doing both. Short ones may gain you ability to reach more people when you’re launching program/product specific content. Long ones will target those really interested or more analytical.
  1. Follow to mimic only those people who have your model of monetizing!That said –you’re mimicking only their strategy, not their brand uniqueness. If someone else is an influencerand make money from advertisers and sponsors, and you want to sell your services, what they do will not be a direct success track for you!


unless you know someone is making money you don’t know that winning the popularity contest online is generating revenue. Is it a hobby, or is it a business and life you want to create? 500 engaged buyers who follow you may be more lucrative than 500 or 50,000 fans who “like” you.

  1. Have a back end.You don’t start with social unless you first are just testing and listening and adjusting to find what demand exists for products you’ll create. You start with already knowing what you want them to do next. Ultimately what do you want them to do next? Click to buy (may not be the best first date idea) or click to get a free “quick win” you’ve created to solve their problem or satisfy that greatest desire are options. Answer a question, tag a friend, or scroll are actions. Before you post, know. You want to have some kind of call to action. You’re training them to engage and get rewarded for it.
  2. Respect the platform.At the end of the day any platform wants viewers to stay on the platform. Don’t take them off with every post. (Somewhere between 25-75% of the time channels are finding work for them). That’s the rate you include end cards that link to your website. Have viewers like, comment, or share by engaging with them (beyond just askingfor a like, comment, or share). Have them watch another related video or a playlist. Ask for response to a poll. Allow the platform to choose the best for viewer (YouTube). The longer you keep someone on the platform the more the platform may show you some love!
  3. Use live video. Video at all is the best way to be seen and shared. Live video on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, and LinkedIn (new). Boost your lives, especially those that are lead or sale generating.
  4. Use comments when you Live stream on YT, FB, and on IG. Add link to your promotion in the comments not in the text.
  5. Post better not more content.Experiment. What used to be true about 10-14 times on Twitter or 4 times a day on Facebook just isn’t any more. It’s overwhelming viewers. Post better quality less often.

You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

  1. Partner with othersso you’ve got twice as many audience members to share with. Invite guests to do live FB with you or live streaming on YouTube.
  2. Multitask by creating lives across your platforms. Go live everywhere (With a third device you can record for IGTV.) You can create an “I see you everywhere!”response from your customers and fans.
  3. Ask your customers.When in doubt about where to be, or at least where to be first, ask you customers. They choose, not you. The advice given is often, “choose one platform and own it first.” It’s your customer that should choose. Do your homework. Who is your target? The one person who represents all those you want, and where do they hang out? Where they are and how they like to consume information should dictate what, where, and when you post.
  4. Use tools wisely.TubeBuddy for YouTube supports that platform.You’ll get custom key word strategies, go through systematic ways to take care of all the things that matter and make your videos rise to the top. It’s both a reminder and a research tool.  Not all tools are created equally. You can plan and post ahead of time but it may not always be best. Keep asking about the difference between set-it-and-forget-it and posting in real time.
  5. Use Playlists.Add videos to playlists in YouTube which encourages people to view the video they see then roll right into the next, keeping them on the platform, your channel specifically, and increases your view time. Playlists on your Facebook page can help viewers return to content you’ve created and organize it in a way they will continue to engage with too.

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