10 Social Media Tips That Work for Fitness & Health Professionals

#286 You may think social media doesn’t pay the bills. But it could. In fact, there are plastic surgeons, physical therapists, and fitness pros who got checks from YouTube during COVID that kept them going when business was shut down.

And in fact, it can be a huge source of organic traffic. It is for me. I grew a YouTube channel to almost 130K organically. Still today, 8 years later, people that join my programs will tell me, “I’ve been following you for a long time on YouTube.”The social media tips that work here I know because of my own, my colleagues, and my coaching clients’ success with them.

Are You Making This Mistake?

But it’s easy to just throw things at social so you can check that box off. That’s the kind of activity you’ll use to prove social media doesn’t work. So if you’re using resources (time, money, and energy) to be on social media, here’s 10 social media tips that work.

Aside from the fact that video wins over everything else, I’ve got some social media tips that work. Social media requires strategy. What you post on Instagram doesn’t go on Facebook. The same hashtags on Instagram that help you get found (if you use enough and they’re relative to your post), will actually hurt your reach on Facebook.

Blindly just being on a platform is a waste of time and resources. Here’s a few tips to apply no matter what platform you’re on to do better with engagement and success. You’ve got to be measuring the right thing. The value of saves, shares, then comments and likes on Instagram should be clear to you. Is your content something your ideal customer wants to share? Have you solved, or started to solve, a problem so they want to keep coming back?

10 Social Media Tips That Work

  1. Focus on your purpose
    1. Grow your email list
    2. Grow social proof
    3. Grow engagement
    4. Do product and market research
  2. If it’s not working: that’s not a message the platform doesn’t work.
    1. Is your audience on that platform?
    2. Are you using the right platform strategy?
  3. Nothing kills your engagement faster than posts that sell.
    1. People are on social not to shop but to be entertained or at the least edu-tained
    2. If you don’t have a following you’ll never grow one sharing “ad”-like content
  4. People engage with people not businesses, reveal WHO you are.
  5. Represent your brand in a way your audience feels like you, wants to be you, respects you.
  6. Raise & Praise™ instead of Teach & Preach™
    1. Share information in a way that makes people feel good not judged
    2. Avoid “don’t” “no” and “stop”
  7. When you know what converts to email list subscribers best, do that all day.
  8. On Instagram, use a specific hashtag strategy. On Facebook hashtags hurt.
  9. Less than 5% of your audience sees your post. You have to have more than a post and ghost strategy.
  10. Prime the post, engage with the post comments, use all the places on a platform.

Social Media Posts Need Words That Work

The right words matter. With every post you have to be thinking about what you want your ideal client to think, feel, and do after seeing it. In order to do that you have to know your customer better than anyone else.

My Audience, For Example

I know for instance that my fitness and health pros feel frustrated that they aren’t making as much traction as they want to. They’re spending a lot of time doing what they do but they aren’t making a great living doing it. They don’t have the freedom financially or the time freedom they want. They don’t feel comfortable with the marketing and the sales or the business decisions that make them more than just busy, that make them a true business.

I know many of my fitness & health coaches work with women in menopause and don’t understand why they can’t get their own weight and belly issues resolved let alone their clients. In fact, some of my Flipping50 mastermind members are fitness clients themselves first.

So, with all that information about my audience, when I post to social for them I know what will resonate with them. I know both what they already feel and how I want them to feel. Optimistic, there are answers, and I cracked that code 9 years ago so they can benefit right now.

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