Your Social Media Success Strategy

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Do You Have A Conversation on Social Media?

Post, post, post.

Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Chat, Chat, Chat.

Crickets, crickets, crickets?

Unfortunately, if you’re posting blogs, sending emails, posting Facebook images… pushing out information but no one is talking back? You’re desperately in need of a refresh on your strategy.

It is not about you pushing out information.

It is about you listening. It is so easy to forget that and start checking things off your list! I’ve been there! Friday night weekly I’ll schedule social and GSD while I’m relaxing with a movie. Done for the week and onto the weekend. There are weeks that are so busy there’s barely time to bother whether or not any one RESPONDED.

Big fail.

It’s only working if there’s a conversation. If no one is commenting, requesting, suggesting, you really want to take a good look at why.


Am I posting content that is preachy?

Is this content share-worthy? Does it make my audience laugh, look smart/savvy/witty and inspire them to share?

Am I just more of the same? Copying something I saw somewhere else instead of sharing the original and giving credit?

Am I just posting me me me? Promoting my programs, my stuff, asking people to buy this or that most of the time?

Do I have a “voice” and “brand” that’s distinct?

Then when you have the answers you have at least a better idea of how to improve. Take one step:

Be fun. People want information but they hop on Facebook because they’re bored at work, want to engage and laugh, smile, see what their friends are doing. Don’t disrupt that by making them feel like they didn’t work hard enough at their exercise, they ate the wrong lunch or telling them they need a trainer or they’re a failure. They want uplifting.

Brand your images with your URL every time. Keep your colors and fonts consistent. When they scroll through their timeline and see a post from you it should be immediate recognition of your business.

If you lack creativity so much that you’re just recreating the same quote and theme you just saw: you’ll do better if you play nicely with others and just share their content. FB is only showing organically 1% of your fans anything. When you share others content that number goes up dramatically.

Use your logo or an icon in every image. Since I’ve begun using “flipping 50” logo and a specific branded color scheme (that matches my style guide used for EVERY product/service/freebie and website) I’ve grown my last 1000 YouTube subscribers much more rapidly than the first 11K.

Are you the science guy or girl? Are you the bombshell? Are you the controversial side of the coin? Stand for something and let people know what it is. “Nice” is overlooked and not going to get you anywhere without some backbone.

My favorite social ease tools:

  • (learn whether or not your blogs, content are EVER getting shared. Reroute that GPS fast if you’ve posted, blogged for months without any sharing. It’s a useless waste of time to keep going down the same path). Unfortunately, I’ve reported the details of social media fails to several consulting clients with mixed results:

1. They ignore it, and continue doing what they’re doing. Just writing without any regard to what the customer wants, reads, opens or engages with.

2. Immediate rerouting and strategizing that’s resulted in email list growth (what it’s all about – even before a sale) of 900 in a few months. (depending on the quality of your list, that’s a good number: you send to 900 more each time and sell a 5% of them every time? What’s the average sale $? It matters).

Social is a two-way street. Don’t lurk on social yourself. Like, comment, and share. Be active as a person on social and make sure you’re getting the same results..

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