Social Media Strategies for Fitness Business Success

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Social media strategies are still a mysterious marketing tool for many fitness professionals. Getting into the work of creating programs, delivering services, responding to inquiries and just keeping up with day-to-day activities makes social media seeming less important.

It’s not.

It’s not going away.

Social media strategies can make social media a source of steady, streaming traffic that creates the first impression with your next clients and then shortens the time to you actually being able to help them.

You go through a series of steps with every new prospect. There are common questions that most prospects have and new customers ask after that. All of those can be partially answered even before someone begins with you.

With social media strategies you can overcome objections of new customers before they get in the way.

The social media strategies you employ for your fitness marketing campaigns can shorten the dating phase of your relationship and move you right into a longer term committed relationship.

The reality of marketing’s importance in the scheme of fitness business success is known to every successful and every failed fitness business. Relationships and community whether virtual or literal are increasingly important in our world.

People disconnected due to technology and phones, working virtually, traveling, isolated at home, or due to distance learning, want to belong to something greater and feel less alone.

Watch and follow Flipping 50’s community on Facebook. Though you can’t see the private groups created you can see the way women interact with gratitude. Define your niche, create the space dedicated to your demographic. Talk to them and listen to them.

For successful social media strategies you must connect the parts of your whole campaign. From your programs and services built based on your listening to clients and customers wants, to your website where they live, and the content where you attract customers by offering solutions, the social media is the legs for your content.

If you’ve been beginning your strategy with social media as the beginning, go back and reroute. It will be well worth it.

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