Social Media Marketing Strategy from a Boss Babe Herself

The difference between social media success and a lot of time on social media without success is having a social media marketing strategy. 

  • How often do you post? 
  • How many hashtags do you use?
  • How do you know which hashtags to use?
  • Where do you put hashtags?
  • Which metrics/insights are most important to you? 

If you have a strategy, you know the answers to these! 

My guest today provides insight at the perfect time. Start the New Year with information that is going to help you knock it out of the park in the coming year. 

Make a change for 3 months, assess your insight data and pivot or double down. 

You have the opportunity to watch over her shoulder (as you should be with ANY social media expert -recent podcast with Sue B Zimmerman here for you) and watching with a critical eye not just what they’re saying but what they’re doing is GOLD for you!


How often do they post? How often do they make a CTA? How often do they post a story? If you realize… they aren’t after being an “INFLUENCER” as much as getting clients, too, it changes everything! 

Listen to the end to hear the rapid fire questions I ask! 

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My Guest:

Imagine your immigrant parents uprooting you in highschool at 16 and moving to a brand new highschool. My guest, Yesenia Lara Garcia grew up in Phoenix and Flaggstaff Arizona and attended NAU studying Strategic Communications and PR. She’s been an associate producer at Fox 10 News while simultaneously juggling roles of mother, wife, and began exploring content creation and became a notable influencer.

Her passion, very possibly your nemesis, is social media. She started her current business, Social Outfit Marketing to empower businesses and influencers to stand out on social media with custom strategies, creative content and engaging copy. 

And… she is the most positive person…. With a face that belongs in FRONT of the camera… you’re going to love this! 

Be sure you stay til the end of this social media strategy interview where I ask some rapid fire questions you may not know to ask.

Questions We Answer in This Episode: 

  • Let’s do a couple things before we even begin – define influencer and business for me- is there a difference for you and if how do you distinguish the strategies for each? What inspires you? Like any entrepreneur, do you ever have a hard time doing the work/get stuck in terms of creative ways to say the same thing over and over again? 
  • How did you start your business and why?
  • What did you most want from it? 
  • How do you measure success for your clients? What are you using for metrics? 
  • How do you decide to pivot or test a new strategy? 
  • Let’s talk about trending post types and trending audio, can using trending audio backfire if it’s not music that your demographic likes? 
  • How do you come up with creative ideas?
  • Is Instagram your primary platform or do you create content for across platform use? Does a REEL on Instagram double as a TikTock or YouTube short for instance? 
  • What mistakes do you see most often that we might be able to let listeners know how to flip? 
  • Is it posting frequency(too much/too little), use of hashtags (too many too few), key words, use of CTA (too much/too little)

Rapid Fire Questions about Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • How many hashtags are best right now? 
  • Where do hashtags below – post or comments? 
  • How often do you want to look at insights on platforms? 
  • How important are stories?

Connect with Yesenia:

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