3 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Working

In this episode, I cover 3 Reasons Your Social Media Isn’t Working.

If your social media isn’t working, don’t give up. Get up, dust yourself off. And let’s do more of what is working right now. Post pandemic marketing strategies have changed. What worked 2 years ago, won’t necessarily now. What works today won’t necessarily in 6 mos. or a year.

What always does work is letting your customers decide what, and where, once you decide why you’re posting. If social media isn’t working for you right now, with more people online than ever before, it’s time to regroup.

Everyone is On Social

Friday afternoon I got my haircut and colored. Every person in the chair including myself was head down staring at their phones. Saturday afternoon I swam at the gym pool after a workout. Between sets guys and gals are staring at their phones, and at the pool? Same thing. I was the only one with a book or magazine in North Scottsdale, I think.

I think it’s safe to say the majority of those people weren’t creating or sending emails for work. (Okay, entrepreneurs, I get it, sometimes yes, but it’s rarer.) They may have been texting but for sure the 2 ½ hour average use of social media in the past two years hints that we have an opportunity, but only if we’re standing out. Smart and beautiful is not enough.

You have to have a voice.

It starts with your bio. The introduction of you to your audience on your website, your social media “about” section, the intro you do at regular intervals on your social media posts. It also includes the intro you hand to a host of a podcast or at your media appearances and guest speaking gigs.

If you’re not even sure where to start so that you’re not just a list of certifications that anyone else can say, and your audience doesn’t even care about, I’ve got just the solution. How to Avoid a Boring Bio is a quick little worksheet that will help you not sound like everyone else!

It’s Not Clear What Your Followers Will Get from Following You – There’s no theme other than you

Imagine that you decide you’re going to target midlife women. Your content includes:

  1. Interviewing other fitness experts
  2. Talking about food and fashion choices
  3. Discussing aging and menopause
  4. Sharing home remodeling and vacations

That’s a lot of variety. And if I really want fitness content, I’m going to follow a fitness expert. If I want recipes and food, likewise, I’ll search for that. If I want menopause-related content I’m probably interested in eliminating signs and symptoms, hormones, and science.

If I want to remodel or choose a vacay, I want to find an influencer who is sharing home flips or beautiful travel images. Unless you’re established as must-follow celebrity it will be hard to identify an audience who wants to jump around from one thing to the next.

A lack of value right up front and frequently

    1. How do you save them from making mistakes, and get them whatever they want faster?
    2. Are you busting myths or revealing research? Sharing recipes or giving workouts?
    3. Do you show up regularly doing that so they can count on you?

A fellow presenter posts regularly in multiple accounts about bikini fitness contests, being a fitness model, life with Hashimotos, and about fitness in menopause. That’s a lot going on in her posts with a really diverse amount of information.

She’s not getting traction. The growth of her accounts and the engagement is very low, compared to some less-educated, less knowledgeable, and far less beautiful influencers. Followers would have a hard time knowing why to follow her though. She might do better having multiple accounts with just one clear focus. Brand those distinctly. Don’t cross over.

A lack of conversation that’s meaningful for your audience

    1. Earn the right to be an “influencer” who shares insights into your personal day, schedule, vacation, diet, etc.
    2. Before it’s about you it has to be about them.

“It’s not hard to eat healthy on vacation… just choose xyz.”

Comes across a little teachy and preachy to someone who says, “It’s hard to eat healthy on vacation.”

What if instead you flip it, and say, “It’s easy to fall off during vacation. Here’s how I cope.”

Trust me I used to make this error. I’d post without realizing my message that I feel 100% better and enjoy the vacation so much more when I do choose well, didn’t come across that way. It came across more as, “I’m strong, you’re weak, and not committed,” and… if your audience really needs you… they’ve left. They aren’t going to share that they gained 10lbs eating at the buffet on the cruise every day or sucking down margaritas, chips and salsa in Cabo.

The only ones who are going to like that are the ones already doing it just like you. So, think about why you’re posting, who you’re posting to, and where they are in their heads before you create a post.

What’s Next?

There’s a lot here. I’m not a fitness marketing expert. I’m a fitness marketing surgeon. If you want to take the next step to bettering your fitness marketing, there are several ways I can help.

  1. Get the free How to Build a Better Bio cheatsheet
  2. Join the 2021 BYB Fitness Masterclass series
  3. Join… for 2 days more the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist PLUS Mastermind for 2021 at 40% off right now during this last 2 days of Women’s Health Month. Use: whm40

Never have to say your marketing on social media isn’t working again.

And stay tuned, I’ve got a special episode coming up for you about viral social media. And it’s so not what you’d expect I’d say.

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