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Shooting blanks on social media is detrimental! Think of it like food or exercise: it’s either hurting you or it’s helping you get where you want to go. Truly you only get one or two chances to use social media with customers before they won’t see you if you’re not relevant. The customer is in control. If they don’t engage with you; they won’t see you any more appearing in their timeline.

Social Media Business Management tip:If you’ve paid to boost to overcome that, you’re still only extending reach but not engaging, you’re just going to have to pay again and again for the first date, but you’ll never get to second base on that date. You want to boost content, not images. Then you watch and base adding to that promotion based on performance. Create an if, then approach and you have a better mission statement.

Here’s how to make social media the conversation it should be.

Ask Questions

  • That engage your customers
  • That serve you as research about new products and services customers want
  • That are related but not necessarily direct.

For example: I provide women 50+ with hormone-exercise solutions and the lifestyle and exercise nutrition that supports those solutions: I posted a question recently asking whether my fans color their grays and asked why or why not.

It got over 8K views and more likes, comments, and shares.

  • Did it engage my audience? YES!
  • Did it help create a new service or product? No.
  • Did it tell me a little more about my audience? Yes.

I learned that most of the women I’m attracting aren’t ready to go gray, feel gray, and like the way they look and feel coloring their hair. A smaller percent of responders took the plunge and feel bold because of that. A very few were critical of others who do color because they don’t. The last small group is really not my audience. The first two segments of responders desire to look good and feel good and believe they are interconnected. I can write copy to those people all day long. It’s a button I will want to push when appealing to them.

What else happened? The post got shared. Women wanted to know what their other women besties think. So I had the opportunity to invite the friends of my fans who had shared to like my page. [If you don’t know how to do this: click on the likes and it opens up a window showing those who already like your page and those who you can invite. FB allows you to invite a certain number – an unknown number – at a time to like your page so keep clicking until you can’t any longer].

Video, Video, Video

I recently posted about this hot social media topic. It’s not going to go away. If you’re reading and you’re camera-shy, you’ve got to get over it/around it/or just go through it. It gets easier. All the thinking about avoiding that you’re doing probably is so much worse than the actual planning of a 3-4 minute video that stands the best chance of being watched! Half of that is going to be saying hello and a call to action, so in reality all you need to really prepare is the 2 minutes in between. You’ve got options for using video:

  • Live on Facebook
  • Live on YouTube
  • Recorded on Facebook
  • Recorded on YouTube

The options above are listed in order of potential impact. Everybody and their mother (and dog and kitty) is on Facebook so if you want to be seen and heard, it’s where you better be. Live vs canned is always better. It’s a two-for-one and you know how well that kind of a sale goes! Once you go live, it lives as a recording on your Facebook page. Beyond that? You can download it and put it on YouTube as well. Create once, monetize forever. That is smarter marketing.

Where and how you do video is still somewhat optional.

Doing video is really not optional.

If you want to succeed in social media you will HAVE to do video. Facebook, twitter, instagram, emails and blogs with video get more views, likes, shares, and comments.

Social Media Business Management Tip: If you’ve got a social media marketing manager (or it’s you) who isn’t suggesting, pushing, and insisting you’re on social media, fire them (or yourself) and get someone who can show you how to use it, monetize it, and track the success you have. You will see results in as little as a week if you start. You’ll see significant growth in a month provided you’ve done your homework and know exactly why you’re posting something.

Get my easy, effortless, enjoyable Get Clients Now PDF and you’ll also get a free get-started-now fitness video marketing series of videos to see it in action and start doing.

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