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Social media content is a burden for many fitness pros and companies. It’s either tossed to a staff person who really has no idea how to get growth and engagement, or it’s your baby and you have limited time.

It does take planning, and you know I’m a fan of creating your pillar content first. You need blogs, articles, videos (and the transcripts), or podcasts on your site. It’s from that I teach a 365 formula for social media. You chop that content into little pieces and use it like little soldiers to bring people back to your website.

You don’t want a relationship with them solely on social. Always bring them back for the real goods.

More on that tomorrow. Today though, I want to illustrate how this helps you create those pillars you’ll always talk about on social media.

Simple Social Media Content Generation

You probably already have four or five pillars you always talk about. But every week as you or your VA are planning content, you’re going to be looking for ways to make it come alive. You need ways to generate simple social media content fast, but it’s got to be good! Don’t waste that real estate or risk someone seeing it and not being interested enough to stop the scroll, like, comment, save, or share.

Look at your insights. They’ll tell you whether you’re reaching an emotional level or not.

But say you’re sharing health tips like catching up on checkups, especially in this year when a lot of women let them go.

Instead of just a generic tip, why not use:

  • A story – is there a friend or acquaintance, client that had this happen to her – found a lump or mass but not as soon as she might have, had she been on top of her health records
  • A statistic – about early diagnosis for breast or colon cancer or even routine blood tests and low iron when someone is wondering about a lack of energy
  • Or even how that feels when you realize you’re driving to an ultrasound to check for a mass. And you think that you should have been more consistent with Pap smears or other checkups. Most of us have been there is some way. A lab test comes back and they want to redo it. Even those moments make you wish and plant a little seed of fear.

That’s using a relatable story that will hit home a lot more than just a question about what health checkups you’re due for.

Keep doing this and keep watching your insights. They’ll improve if you’re focused on talking to ONE person.

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