Is Your Small Thinking Limiting Your Success?

 In professional development

Do you dream within limits of what you’re willing to do or do what it takes to get the dream you really want?

All too many of us might be guilty of dreaming of working here to here and going home with this kind of a paycheck.

Gone are the years when “a good job” came with benefits and vacation days.

When you decided that you “had it made” because you were on salary.

Unless, you want average.

And it’s OK if you do. There’s nothing wrong with getting by and with setting aside a life that operates like that.

As long as you’re honest about it.

I encourage you to dream bigger instead.

Just for a little while think about what it would be like to have the choice be yours for how you spend your time and whether you wanted something bad enough instead of whether you could afford it or “should.”

That’s what dreaming big buys you. Freedom. More than money, it buys you time and freedom- from worry, and from getting by or making ends meet.

Consider the business model you have. Is it sustainable long term? Or is it a right now thing until something better comes along? If you’ve selected to think big then you are always growing and going to want to because there’s a “what’s next?” question for your customer always there.

The grocery store is the grocery store right? They have us. We have to buy food. In the last 10 years the grocery store in my neighborhood has remodeled and changed 3 times. Major changes. Why? I have to buy food anyway? Because the customers needs and wants changed and they changed to meet them.

Yep, I hated remodeling. I couldn’t find anything. But I loved it completed.

And that’s the way it might be for you too. Don’t start limiting yourself with small thinking now. The customers you have won’t be the customers you have in the future.


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