Small Talk Say This, Not That Series | Fitness & Health Pro #295

#295 Love or hate small talk, you can make small talk matter big! Here’s how to take the most benign questions and turn them into an opportunity to showcase your work in a way someone becomes intrigued by you and wants to hang with you longer.

If you’re an introvert, I’ll bet you can relate to this. You end up at a party or mixer, not knowing anyone very well, and wishing you didn’t have to show up but knowing it’s supposed to be good for you. You dread that small talk and the feeling that your responses to questions are lame. 

Not anymore, my friend.

First of all, I want to address the fact that if you are indeed an introvert, you’re not alone. Did you know? More of us in fitness and health are than aren’t. Many professional speakers and actors are introverts. Still, it’s like required reading. You’ve got to do it. 

This is a part of the Say This, Not That series for Fitness & Health coaches. 

Where to Make Small Talk Matter Big

  • Sports events for your kids meeting other parents
  • Holiday parties for your business or your partner’s, with neighbors or friends
  • The shoe salesman at the mall
  • The passenger beside you on a plane
  • The chamber of commerce meeting
  • Talking when your mouth isn’t preoccupied at your dental hygiene appointment

And so many more!

  • What do you do?
  • Where do you work?

They’re questions that are likely to come up during holiday parties, in Zoom breakouts, and at fitness conferences.

The way you answer could be the difference between, “oh, cool,” and the start of a relationship with a new client or a collaboration with a new company or partner.

Here’s what you’re not:

  • A personal trainer
  • A health coach
  • A medical exercise specialist
  • An exercise kinesiologist

Why? Because it either means nothing to the listener or it means what they think it means. 

Why? Because whoever you’re talking to knows at least one person if they aren’t that person who needs and wants your services. Are you going to let that get away? 

Have you imagined what it would be like if the owner of a company said, I’d like to do this for all of my employees, could we work together on something that makes sense for both of us?

Or you connected with a grocery store owner who said they’d like to start monthly fitness & health tips and want you to head that up?

Are They WHO You Need to Know?

You just don’t know. Opportunities come, as long as you swim out to the boat. When you’re in front of people, make your words count.

So let’s say this not that.

Not, personal trainer.

Say this:

  • Who you serve?
  • What they are struggling with?
  • What they want?

For instance,
I serve busy professional women in midlife, struggling with time and fatigue to fit in exercise that want stress release and energy.

Your response will be a question. That’s important.

You know busy professional women in midlife who struggle with time and fatigue who want exercise for stress relief and more energy?
I help them get what they want easily without huge time commitment.

Why a question?

A question leaves an open loop. It compels the listener’s brain to answer. They usually will.

  • That’s me to a t.
  • That sounds like my wife.
  • I wish my sister knew you.

And with that, you’ve opened up a conversation. With a simple answer like “personal trainer,” you’ve closed it. In fact, if you’re uber qualified? 

So tell them, specifically what it is you do or want to. Dig into your niche with your answer. You’ll extend your reach far faster. Make small talk matter big.

Cheers fitness & health pro! Whether it’s a holiday party, a New Year’s health panel, or something else. Small is big.

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