How to Design Popular Small Group Training for Profit

Small group training is profitable and popular. Are you doing it? Are you leveraging

In today’s world of fitness where working smarter not harder is so very possible today’s topic is exactly what you want to hear if you’re training coast to coast and wondering how to grow stable revenue you can count on.

Today we’re tackling small group training with my guest Steven Trotter. Steven’s experience ranges from fitness program management in university rec programs on large campuses to facility design and organizational leadership.

On this episode you’ll hear:

  • How Steven defines small group training
  • The don’t-miss his analogy of the Super Shuttle vs. a private Limo
  • Two big reasons you should consider offering small group training as a part of programming (or reinforce your growth of SMG!)
  • How to Price and value position your SGT: how additions like nutrition- counseling or a promo week factor in
  • The specific % above break-even price for a minimum of 3
  • How a participant’s involvement in an SGT program impacts adherence and attrition rate
  • Tips for building rapport in small group training
  • Screening tools/marketing tips to make sure that you get the right people in your small groups
  • The difference between Small Group Training and group fitness: How to distinguish your paid program from free group fitness

4 Keys for success with small group training:

  1. Have fun with it: If you’re having fun with it your customers will too. Make sure you have the right butts in the seats teaching groups!
  2. Make it memorable with tiny things: themes, names, and small expected surprises can make a difference.
  3. Celebrate small wins: most customers are terrible at doing this for themselves, so help them acknowledge it and the value of being in a group.
  4. Control your product: Make yourself distinctly different and unique from any other option for you and your customer. You can’t be just another group going on next door to a free program.

You can learn more about Steven and his work at

Books/Resources Steven mentioned:

Braving the Wildernessby Brene Brown

The Power of Vulnerabilityby Brene Brown

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Look for Steven Trotter (and I) at Athletic Business Conference 2018.

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