Small Fitness Marketing Copy Changes Big Fitness Business Difference

Are you creating fitness marketing copy in blogs, videos, and or podcasts? You wouldn’t start with “hey, you!” when someone walked in the door, but it may feel like you’re doing that to your customer. It may feel to them like you aren’t even talking to them.

Have you ever been in a room and felt like the speaker or teacher was talking and that everyone else in the room was an insider but you didn’t know what she was saying?

When you attempt to talk to “everyone” or “all of you” in your fitness marketing copy you suddenly alienate the one single person readying your content right now.

That’s just referencing how your fitness marketing copy lands on the customer but the problem begins with the way you’re thinking. By writing “everyone” or “all of you” I would guess that you’re trying to be inclusive, all-inclusive. You’re trying to cast a wide net. But it doesn’t help you when you’re all-inclusive.

Let me use this example: a line of exercise machines is fit to an average body type, right? If you’ve been in the fitness industry for even 5 minutes you know that no body has an average body. So it is when you try to build a newsletter, blog, or other content piece that is for some “average anybody.”

If you talk to one individual in your fitness marketing copy you’ll have a much better chance of connecting. You talk to one person at a time more often (at least most of us) than you ever talk one to many. When there’s a group of people sitting in a room at least if “all of you” is spoken they look around and understand collectively that includes them. But alone in a room it’s just falls flat.

The problem though you may be thinking, really? are you going on and on about this little thing?… it is a problem, is that there’s a disconnect. Everyone doesn’t buy your product. One person at a time reaches into their wallet and buys your program.

Next, the small thing you’re overlooking is follow up with people who just aren’t ready and low hanging fruit. That 85% of people who has to think about it a lot longer (I’ve recently had two women in my group program this month tell me…“I’ve followed you for over a year and it took this long to reach out for her.” So what if I hadn’t continued providing free blogs and videos that solved problems and asked for her to take the next step? Either she wouldn’t have gotten ready or she may have been asked by someone else.

Eighty-five percent is an awful lot of people. I’d want to keep them. Don’t you?

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