Skills Health & Fitness Professionals in 2021 Will Need

There are skills health & fitness professionals in 2021 need that you may have been able to get by without until now. Consider this a letter to you. Before you read it, spoiler alert. In it I’m talking about your time running out if you don’t have a marketing strategy unique to the needs of 2021. I’m talking about why I answered the question female trainers have about growing their business in a noisy, crowded online space. Marketing is never going to be the same. With everyone online now, no one is going back. A large percent of customers have found it easy and convenient to exercise at home and that’s good for you … if you can get their attention. If you’re delivering services face-to-face or want to again, you still have to be visible, and heard above all others. Because it’s too easy for members to quit and take up that online exercise option. If they find a stronger, more reasonable voice than yours they’re going to listen, follow, and potentially invest there. So, this is a frank share.

health & fitness specialist in 2021The skills for health & fitness professionals in 2021

In the Flipping 50 mastermind… You’ll learn how to know what customers will pay for. How to create better relationships with potential buyers. How to weed out “squatters” and pay attention to your next customers. Build an awareness of soundbites and persuasive words that make people listen to you and ask more. Even if you know little pieces of this puzzle already the biggest roadblock of all for most of us… Is two things, really…. Is making sure you take action every day …. In the right direction. I tell this story over and over because it is so true and so real for all of us. When my son was in kindergarten, I still had enough soccer knowledge to co-coach with one of the other parents. Inevitably at every match one of the kids on one team or the other would kick the ball and score… for the other team! Listen, that can happen to any of us! I’ve done it! I’m a “quick start” and I get stuff done. The problem is often I will (and did) jump in and do WAAAAY more work than I needed to, not realize I was doing the work in a way that DIDN’T get me results and wouldn’t no matter how consistent I was! Pretty soon, you’re either burned out, broke… or just discouraged and you’ve convinced yourself that social media (or email or making video…) doesn’t work after all and you stop.

Or you do something about it.

Fortunately for me, I had the sense to invest in support. I knew it was either that or watch people less knowledgeable, less credible, less heart-centered than me do stuff that I should be doing. I’ve invested $140,000 easily in the last 4 years on courses and education and masterminds. (I currently belong to 2!) Because there is just nothing like learning from someone who is doing what you want to do, and who has made the mistakes, who shares in a way that makes sense to you.

This is where passion and purpose separate at the fork in the road.

What I mean by that is that passion is what you love when it’s easy, when you’re doing what you want to do the way you want to do it. Purpose is where you decide who you’re serving and then you do the thing that gets the best results, commit to learning that and doing it consistently even when it isn’t the first thing you’d thought of. There are a lot of passionate fitness professionals. There are fewer trainers who are living their purpose doing what they’re doing. The extra mile there is not crowded. Yes, while we know what people need, we have to package it in a way that they want it. Health & fitness professionals in 2021 know exactly what their ideal customer wants and what they need.

health & fitness professionals in 2021To Express Your Passion You’ll Have to Study These with Purpose:

  • Social media
  • Email marketing
  • Copy writing
  • Perfect client avatar
  • Offer creation
  • Legal ease
  • Tax savvy
While we’re working on your social media, and your email copy, and your perfect client, the offers you make, and your legal and tax organization we’re also going to work on your mindset. If that sounds strange because after all YOU work on everyone else’s mindset… we can’t ever stop working on it. It’s human nature to hate rejection. But if you’re going to be successful, you’re going to get a lot of “no’s” It’s human nature to hate self-promotion. But if you’re going to share a message, you’re going to need to promote yourself (and you can do it in a way you feel good about). It’s human nature to hate your own voice, the way you look on camera, your quirks… but no one else sees them that way and they’re part of what defines your uniqueness…. That ultimately will be a selling point.

Your Goals and Habits

We’ll also be talking about how to set goals and work on placebo effect and manifestation. Because yes, you have to do the work, (or delegate it), and yet, knowing what you want, seeing it and feeling it will up your game. It’s a few weeks (or less) away from the start of the Flipping 50 Fitness Specialist mastermind. Whether you’ve done the hormone balancing course or you haven’t I have an option for you. In 2021… January won’t be all… easy peasy like it has been before. There are so many online options for those who want to be home until the vaccine is proven effective… you’ve got to have a game that is ready for anything 2021 brings. When you want to do something you’re not yet doing, it’s best to make doing the right habits easy and the wrong habits hard. Surround yourself with people who are or want to be doing the same thing. If you’re in and ready to join… you can click here to take your option. If you really need more info? Click here. Join me live or watch the replay. I’m doing one last session before Christmas then we’re getting close to the start in January. For those who are eligible I’d love to get the media audit of your website and social media done asap so we can help you get traffic and get rewarded for your effort before the New Year rush is over. health & fitness professionals in 2021

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