The Simplest, Cheapest, and Most Successful Way to Market Your Programs


If you want to know what your customers want, the best way to find out is to ask them.

They’re a lot more likely to buy something that they want than something they don’t, right?

Are you asking your customers what they want?

I often hear from fitness professionals why this or that doesn’t work. I’ll hear them tell me why their market doesn’t respond. That their in too conservative an area or people don’t want to spend money.


If you have what they want and it truly:

1. solves a problem

2. that they feel they have

3. and they are seeking an answer to

It’s not too expensive. They aren’t too conservative (if you live in the midwest, the east coast, the south or anywhere else you’re still… a woman who wants to look good, or an athlete who wants to do better…and that doesn’t go away because of where you live). You are making excuses if you believe that BS. I’m not coming into the muck with you.

You may be trying to promote a “something” you think someone needs and it may be true. It doesn’t matter. Because until they WANT it, you will not get someone to part with their money.

So to find out…in their words what they want, you have to ask.

But, Debra, I am asking. That hasn’t worked in the past.

Just a guess: you’re asking the WRONG questions. You’re asking questions that will get you answers to what kind of content they want or what kind of program they want.

So what happens when you create it and they still don’t respond? You think, this doesn’t work where I am. My people are different. 

I call BS.

You’re not asking the right, the simplest, questions.


What is your biggest challenge around ___________? (based on what you do: nutrition, eating well, relaxation, sleeping, exercise)

What would your ideal result be if you were in a 90 day program?

What has been the biggest obstacle for you getting that result so far?

How would it feel when you get to your goal?

What have you tried that failed? Why do you think it failed?

EVERY ANSWER to those questions writes the program for you, writes the marketing copy for you and makes it so simple that you’re trying to make it hard if you try to do something other than…ASK. The right question.

I do this repeatedly. For the basics and for each new program. For evaluating current programs to build the next program. Every time… for every price point..from $47 items to $990 items to everything in between.

I took responses from last weeks survey, for instance. Offered a coaching program yesterday for $699. And have 4 registered 12 hours later in less than 24 hours of open enrollment. Give them what they want in the program and they’ll be ambassadors singing your praises who will buy your “next” program too.

Do you survey? Will you? Today?

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