Simple Step to becoming Best at Fitness Sales

The Other Day I Talked About Behavior Change

Are you changed yet?

You think about this every day where your clients are concerned. When it comes to us doing the change it gets harder. So step two…you’re still practicing step one, right? You don’t change something over night but it will change if you repeatedly practice it.

STEP TWO, then is this… you have to create a school of fish to put in the pond.

2. Add one new person to a list of prospects I can help every day

After I _______________________________________

I will _________________________________________


e.g. After I brush my teeth every morning I will reflect my list of contacts and add one new person to make an appointment with.

Your regular routine habit may be different. It doesn’t matter what it is…just that you couple it with the new behavior. If you want to be an ace at’s not going to happen by accident or by one meeting a week where you sit and listen to role plays hoping you don’t have to do one. It’s going to happen by you thinking ALL the time when you see and hear someone talking about getting in shape. You – if you have practiced – will immediately know three questions you’re going to ask them.

Here’s where it starts- put this silly little exercise in action and watch where it takes you.


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